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We offer a wide selection of deciduous trees and shrubs, as well as evergreen trees to add beauty and shade to your gardens and landscape design. In addition to bolstering curb appeal, a deciduous tree offers a host of environmental and economic benefits. They can help provide privacy, moderate the climate, improve air quality, reduce pollution, and slash home energy costs, not to mention adding a focal point for your landscape design.

When choosing a deciduous tree or group of trees for your landscape design, carefully consider the full-grown size of the tree, the type of care it requires, and whether you prefer a tree that will drop its leaves (deciduous) or retain its foliage year-round (evergreen).

Deciduous trees are often chosen for their brilliant foliage, fruit, or shade production capabilities. Pick out a deciduous tree from our large inventory, or learn more about evergreen trees at our Rapid City nursery. The expert staff at Jolly Lane Greenhouse can help you find the perfect tree for your yard, or answer any questions about planting and caring for your new tree and adding to your landscape design.

We also have all of the tools you will need to plant a deciduous tree, from shovels to mulch, stakes to fencing. Just stop in and ask our landscape experts what will work best for your area and we will help you pick out a deciduous tree to fit your needs and your space.



Jolly Lane one of the premiere garden centers in the Black Hills, offering quality evergreen trees and shrubs, and tips on planting and care.

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Our Black Hills nursery stocks a large selection of ornamental grass for ornamental grass landscaping, with advice for selecting and caring for grasses in cold zones.

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Jolly Lane Greenhouse has a wide variety of perennial grasses and deer resistant perennials for you to plant in your garden and landscape designs.

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Add beauty and color to your landscape projects with various types of roses and plants from Jolly Lane Greenhouse, a Rapid City nursery.

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Jolly Lane Greenhouse, the premiere gardener’s supply center, offers a variety of bushes and shrubs for all of your Black Hills landscaping needs.

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Stop by Jolly Lane Greenhouse to pick out a deciduous tree to go with your landscape design; we have many different varieties to choose from.

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Jolly Lane Greenhouse has garden vines and ivy plants to help cover a fence, fill an arbor, or create privacy in your perennial garden design.

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