House Plant Sale

Jolly Lane Greenhouse’s Annual House Plant Sale

January 15th – 31st, 2024

25% Off ALL House Plants

PLUS FREE Repotting with Purchase of a Pot and Plant

The Holiday season is over, and as you take down all your festive and colorful décor, you might find yourself facing post-holiday blues. The winter landscape, covered in snow, can make your home seem dull and monotonous. A house plant or two can easily brighten your indoors by turning them into a tropical oasis. Whether you prefer petite plants, hanging greens, or towering floor plants, our diverse selection caters to your aesthetic preferences and functional requirements, ensuring you find the perfect match for your home.


Jolly Lane Greenhouse’s Annual Houseplant Sale kicks off January 15th through January 31st, 2024! Elevate your space with a fresh and vibrant look with 25% off on ALL house plants! Plus, enjoy the added perk of free repotting when you purchase a pot and plant. Our gardening experts are here to provide you with gardening tips and recommendations to help you kickstart to a greener and more vibrant year!



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