Eco-friendly Kitchen

At Jolly Lane Greenhouse we understand the importance of a healthy planet and sustainable living, and it all starts with you. You can do many things in your own home to lessen the impact you and your family have on … Read More

Vermiculture Made Easy

Vermiculture is the process of using worms to decompose organic food waste, turning the waste into a nutrient-rich material capable of supplying necessary nutrients to help sustain plant growth. Simply put, it is nature’s own fertilizer and worm composting is … Read More

Winterize Your Garden

  Due to freezing temperatures, frost, and possible snowstorms, winter poses many challenges for any gardener. Plants and gardens are very vulnerable in the winter to death and disease.  To protect your garden from winter hazards, you have to winterize … Read More

Composting Tips for Beginners

Composting occurs naturally in the eco-system, and man-made compost is an excellent way for you to utilize your organic waste to the max. Egg shells, dead plants, old leather gloves, sawdust – most things can actually turn into rich, nutrient … Read More

Composting Basics

Yard trimmings and food residuals combined make up 27% of the US municipal solid waste. That’s a lot of waste that can be used in good measures. Creating a useful product from organic waste offers benefits of resource efficiency. Adding … Read More

Going Green at Home in the Garden

Going Green at Home in the Garden Generally, a “going green” initiative is a program that works to create a culture of environmental responsibility, decisions, and lifestyles. Going green at home involves taking certain measures to incorporate this culture into … Read More

Starting Perennial Gardening in the Fall

When summer nears its end—when the days get shorter, and the nights grow longer—many gardeners and home landscapers tend to put their green-thumb away until the following spring. However, this is a good time to take a look at autumn … Read More

Native Plants of South Dakota

Landscaping Plant Selections The Great Plains of America exhibit a diverse selection of perennials, shrubs, and evergreens native to each unique domain within the region. In recent years, consumers have become increasingly aware of the virtues of using plant material … Read More