Helpful Indoor House Plants

While the snow flies outside and the temperatures plummet, it’s easy to forget that now is still a good time to exercise your green thumb. Indoor house plants are usually easy to care for, especially low light indoor plants, and are a great way to get your gardening fix in until the ground starts to thaw. Starting an indoor herb garden is always a great way to keep the produce coming, but also just having simple indoor house plants will help to not only keep the gardening spirit alive, but also provide some air protection and life to your living room. Here are a few great indoor house plants to put throughout your house, especially during the winter.

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera plants are great indoor plants that serve multiple uses. Each of the leaves of the aloe vera plant plump out and provide soothing gel for cuts and burns. The plant grows best when its soil is allowed to dry completely between waterings and depending on the humidity of your home, this means you could water it as little as every two to three weeks.

The Pothos plant is a great indoor house plant because it has an air-purifying quality that will absorb and remove toxins like formaldehyde from things in your home, such as carpet. The plant works well as a hanging basket or a climbing plant with some support due to its long trailing stems. It is capable of producing stems that are eight feet long, but does thrive in low light areas. It is important for its soil to dry somewhat between waterings.

This unique plant is a great low light indoor plant who’s leaves can grow up to a foot long. It provides a great tropical look to a room, even in the glumness of winter. The whole plant can get up to six feet high. It thrives best in normal room temperatures with evenly moist soil and medium to low light conditions.

Peace Lily
The Peace Lily offers a beautiful focal point in home décor with its curving white flowers and dark leaves. This plant is also hugely popular due to its ease of care. This low light indoor plant thrives best in low humidity, moist soil, and low light. Standard room temperatures are best up to 85 degrees for this plant.
There are a wide variety of indoor house plants that thrive in this area and bring a bit of cheer to the glum winter months. Stop on out and ask us about some of our recommendations and we’d be happy to give you some pointers for care.