Mother’s Day: Gardening Gifts from your Rapid City Nursery

Did you know this Mother’s Day will strike the 100th anniversary of Mother’s Day being celebrated in America?  Now while that may seem like a long time, Mother’s Day has a much longer history worldwide.  Mother’s Day first originated in Ancient Greece and Rome, where they had a day dedicated to the different “Mother Goddesses”.  It was then in the 1600s in England where Mothering Day gained popularity.  On this day mothers were given a variety of small gifts from their children including desserts and cakes. 

It wasn’t until the early 1900s when Mother’s Day found a place on American calendars and became an official holiday.  After the death of her mother, Anna Jarvis, became an advocate for a holiday specifically to celebrate and thank mothers everywhere for all they do.  In 1908 the first American Mother’s Day celebration occurred at a local church where Anna’s mother had her funeral services.  Anna wanted to celebrate the life of her mother and the duties all mothers perform.  The holiday caught fire and soon was celebrated in a variety of countries such as China, Japan, Mexico, Canada, and countries throughout South America.  It was from the popularity that President Wilson made Mother’s Day an official holiday on the 2nd Sunday of May.   Since it has been a popular holiday celebrated throughout the world.

Mother’s Day | Gardening Gifts | Rapid City Nursery

Mother’s Day is filled with time spent with mom and many different gifts given to her.  Did you know over 1/3 of people who buy gifts for their mothers buy either fresh flowers, houseplants, or garden plants?  This Mother’s Day you cannot go wrong with top-notch gardening gifts from your Rapid City nursery, Jolly Lane Greenhouse.   Need some ideas for gardening gifts this Mother’s Day? Check out these great ideas that will show your mother how much you appreciate her!

Hanging Baskets- Give this great gardening gift this Mother’s day if your Mother is limited in space or wants flowers in unique spaces on her lawn or patio. Hanging baskets are great ways to add different heights and dimensions to gardens and add splashes of color throughout the space.  Hanging baskets work as great features for areas like patios.  Don’t know which to pick? Petunias are a beautiful choice for hanging baskets and need plenty of sun.  There are many different colored varieties, perfect for a gardening gift for Mother’s Day.

Perennial Flowers and Plants- These plants and flowers are not only great Mother’s Day gardening gifts but staples to any garden.  They are easy to care for and usually very hardy flowers and plants.  They also will come back yearly, so work as a wonderful gardening gift.  Your Rapid City nursery, Jolly Lane Greenhouse has a large variety of perennials that will work for different landscape and gardening designs.  Top picks for this gardening gift include stunning leafy hostas, ground-covering ladies mantle, or the blossoming sea thrift. 

Mother’s Day | Gardening Gifts | Rapid City Nursery

Bird Baths- Gardening gifts on Mother’s Day don’t have to just include plants and flowers!  Add a little décor to your mother’s garden or landscape with lawn ornaments or bird baths.  Bird baths are another wonderful way to experience the beauty of nature in your garden. 

Gift Certificate- With so many amazing gardening gifts at your Rapid City nursery, it can be hard to choose.  Let your mother pick exactly what she wants from your Rapid City nursery, Jolly Lane Greenhouse.

Find beautiful plants and flowers at Jolly Lane Greenhouse to make mom smile this Mother’s Day.  Jolly Lane Greenhouse has a large variety of stunning plants, lawn décor, and gardening supplies…all perfect as gardening gifts this Mother’s Day. For more information on gardening gifts for this Mother’s Day and other special occasions contact your Rapid City nursery, Jolly Lane Greenhouse at 605-393-1700.