Organic Lawn Care Tips from your Rapid City Nursery

Spring has finally sprung, and how many feel like their lawns are just not the stunning green they want?  One way to get your lawn looking lush for the spring season is through organic lawn care.  While organic lawn care may seem a bit intimidating it is easy with these great lawn care tips!

Lawn Care Tip #1

Did you know lawn mowers contribute to 10% of air pollution? Take a stand against this by practicing organic lawn care and practice smart mowing.  To practice smart mowing make sure your blades on your mower are sharp to improve fuel efficiency. You should never mow more than 1/3 of your grass because cutting your lawn too short could kill the grass. Another way to practice smart mowing is to mow when there is going to be rain soon.  This way your lawn will stay green and fresh.

Organic lawn care | Lawn Care Tip | Rapid City Nursery

 Lawn Care Tip #2

Sometimes products used on grass can be harmful to children, pets, and even humans.  If this is this case you should avoid it.  While this lawn care tip may seem obvious, studies have shown that children who play in areas of lawn that have been treated with harmful pesticides are more likely to have health issues, like asthma.  They are also more likely to form different types of cancer.  Go for chemically free pesticides or fertilizers to use on your yard or garden, instead of harsh chemicals.

Lawn Care Tip #3

Another top organic lawn care tip is to use compost in your yard.  Using fine textured compost breaks down easier in your yard easily and quickly. Instead of chemical based fertilizer on your lawn, compost allows for natural nutrients to get to your lawn and flowers.  This also, decreases the chance of chemicals killing your flowers or grass.  Unlike chemical fertilizers, compost will not stain your sidewalk or concrete because it is made of natural components.  You can even create your own compost from kitchen scraps!

Lawn Care Tip #4

Hate those pesky weeds sprouting amongst you’re your lush grass blades? Instead of killing with chemicals, go for the organic lawn care way! Understanding why weeds grow is the best way to stop them from growing.  Weeds will always grow back unless the soil is changed.  Seeing the heads of yellow dandelions?  This could be a sign that your lawn’s soil needs less magnesium and more calcium.  Too many plantains? That may mean your soil is comprised of too much heavy clay.  Weeds will give clues on what is happening with the soil of your lawn or garden.

Organic lawn care | Lawn Care Tip | Rapid City Nursery

Lawn Care Tip #5

Before picking grass to practice your organic lawn care, know the different types of grass.  Do research on different grass types and what grass does better in your climate, what grass stays short, grows tall, does well with plenty of rainfall, and what thrives even in droughts.  Your Rapid City nursery, Jolly Lane Greenhouse will be able to help you know the difference between grass types and what would work best for your organic lawn care.

Following these organic lawn care tips will help you maintain a beautiful lawn but help you be environmentally friendly. For more information on lawn care and your plant or flower needs contact your Rapid City nursery, Jolly Lane Greenhouse at 605-393-1700.