Winter Landscaping Tips from Your Rapid City Nursery

Just because it is the winter does not mean you do not need to maintain your lawn or landscaping.  Many have the false impression that just because of the cold weather and nothing to plant, that there are no landscaping essentials.  This is simply not true.   By following these winter landscaping tips, you can refresh your home and keep your lawn and other surrounding plants lush, and beat those winter blues.  With the help of Jolly Lane Green House you can keep your lawn looking stunning!

Deciduous trees lose their leaves every winter, but that doesn’t mean your trees can not still bring beauty to your landscape.  One top winter landscaping tip is to plant trees with colorful bark.  Having trees with unique bark patterns, or even colors, can keep color and charm in your yard no matter the season.  Some examples of great trees with unique bark at Jolly Lane Green House includes birches such as the Royal Frost birch, which has stunning white bark or the River Birch, which has nice exfoliating bark. Another excellent choice at Jolly Lane Green House would the dogwood.  Some great types of dogwood include the Ivory Halo Dogwood with red twigs add interest to a winter scape and the Yellow Twig Dogwood which has bright yellow twigs in the winter.

Winter landscaping tips | Rapid City Nursery

Another winter landscaping tip to keep in mind is to decorate your summer themed yard décor.  Many people opt for stunning planters, rustic wheelbarrows, or other touches to make their yards beautiful in the spring and summer months.  By the time winter rolls around, these planters are not filled with anything besides leftover dirt.  Instead, fill empty hanging baskets or other yard decorations with festive plants such as evergreen boughs or holly.  Just remember, you will need to water these, especially during dry spells in the winter, to keep them looking their best.

Making your yard unique and lush, can happen year long.  Another great winter landscaping tip is to focus on having plants which produce berries.  Opting to have these types of plants, can bring color to your landscape no matter the season!  These plants can also provide great snacks for wildlife, such as birds.  Some great examples of plants which produce colored berries that Jolly Green House offers includes the Holly Winterberry and the Saskatoon Serviceberry.  Both of these plants will add a pop of color to your landscape in during any grey winter.

Winter landscaping tips | Rapid City Nursery

Another important winter landscaping tip is to plant four season perennials.  Some perennials have great evergreen foliage that simply flourish in the cold weather.  Examples of perennials that work well in the winter include dianthus and ornamental grasses.  Jolly Lane Green House has many different types of perennials to keep your yard looking flawless.  Both Dianthus plants like the Sweet William which comes in shades of red, white, and pink, or the Big Bluestem, which turns red after frost, will add beauty to your landscape in the winter months.

The last winter landscaping tip is to plant evergreen trees or shrubs.  Evergreens retain their needles or foliage year-round, making them an excellent addition to local yards for winter color.   There are many different colors and textures of evergreens, from silver-blue junipers to deep green spruce, with plenty of options to complement your existing landscaping. Wanting some excitement to your winter landscape? Try the Lime Glow Juniper, which offers electric yellow foliage, or the Blue Chip Juniper from Jolly Lane Green House, the premier Rapid City nursery.

Following these winter landscaping tips will enable you to keep a beautiful yard in any season and in any weather! Jolly Lane Green House, a Rapid City nursery, can help you create a beautiful landscape no matter the season.  Our Rapid City nursery aims to help you in your gardening and landscaping adventures.  We are here to answer any questions you have on your plants or where to even start on pruning your yard. Give us a call at 1-800-658-3370 for more information or stop by today!