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Garden vines and climbers are an excellent way to cover a fence, fill an arbor, or create privacy in your perennial garden design. Choose from vines with bright foliage, flowers, fruit or pods, and consider the type of structure you hope to grow the vine around. Some vines are climbers, twisting and twining their stems around supporting structures, while others are clingers, using sticky suction cups to attach themselves to support beams.

Many vines can also be planted in containers, as houseplants or part of a patio garden. Most vines require some care and attention, including frequent pruning to ensure they don’t overgrow their surroundings.

Featured vine:

Boston Ivy

This deciduous vine grows quickly, attaching itself to stonework or other support structures. With large green leaves, tiny green flowers and small dark blue fruit, Boston Ivy thrives in summer, with leaves that turn reddish-orange in the fall.

boston ivyBoston Ivy


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