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Roses are popular ornamental plants, prized for their scent and beauty. There are several types of roses available at our Rapid City nursery, including large climbing roses for arbors and trellises, miniature roses for small gardens or containers, hybrid tea roses with pretty, fragrant blooms, and hardy shrub roses. Harsh Midwest winters can take their toll on more delicate varieties, but resilient shrub roses and disease resistant hybrids can flourish in the Black Hills.

Featured rose:

Rose Easy Elegance ‘Paint the Town’

Wonderful clusters of red hybrid tea-shaped blooms carpet this rose from head to foot, to paint your town red. Glossy, dark green foliage accent the red blooms all season long. The evenly spreading to mounded habit is as well-suited to container gardening as it is to the border. This ever-blooming rose is highly disease-resistant and very hardy with double 3.5” flowers.

Paint The Town rosePaint The Town rose


Roses 2017
Common Name
Genus species 'Cultivar'
Bloom Time / Color Type Variety
About Face (Own Root) Orange Grandiflora
Above All Orange Climber
All Ablaze Cherry Red (double) Climber
Always and Forever Red Hybrid Tea
Anna's Promise Golden tan, pink blush Grandiflora
Barbara Streisand Pink Hybrid Tea
Blue Girl Lavender Hybrid Tea
Bull's Eye Ivory w/ cranberry eye Shrub
Burgundy Iceburg (Own Root) Burgundy Floribunda
Calypso Apricot Blend Shrub
Candy Land Pink with Yellow Stripes Climber
Champlain (Own Root) Red Shrub
Chicago Peace Bicolor Pink/Peach Hybrid Tea
Chihuly Multi-Color Floribunda
Children's Hope Red Shrub
Cinco De Mayo Coral Red Floribunda
Coral Cove Coral Shrub
Cutie Pie Bicolor Pink/Peach Miniature
Diamond Eyes Dark Purple Miniature
Dick Clark Cherry/Burgandy Grandiflora
Doris Day Yellow Floribunda
Double Delight Cream/Red Hybrid Tea
Double Knock Out Red Shrub
Drop Dead Red Deep Red Floribunda
Easy Does It Peach/Apricot Floribunda
Easy Does It (36" Tree Form) Peach/Apricot Floribunda
Ebb Tide Purple Floribunda
Ebb Tide (36" Tree Form) Purple Floribunda
Edith's Darling Apricot-Gold Shrub
Elina Soft Yellow Hybrid Tea
Elizabeth Taylor Hot Pink Hybrid Tea
Firefighter Velvet Red Hybrid Tea
Fragrant Plum Lavender Grandiflora
Gentle Giant Vibrant Pink Hybrid Tea
George Burns Yellow, Red & Cream Floribunda
Ginger Snap Orange Floribunda
Good as Gold Golden Orange Hybrid Tea
Grand Dame Bright Rose Pink Hybrid Tea
Happy Go Lucky Yellow Grandiflora
Happy Trails Rainbow Gold, Pink, Red blush Groundcover
Happy Trails Sunshine Buttery Gold Groundcover
Harrisons Yellow Yellow Shrub
High Voltage Yellow Shrub
Hope for Humanity Red Shrub
Hot Cocoa (Own Root) Orange Floribunda
Iceberg White Floribunda
In The Mood Red Hybrid Tea
John F Kennedy White Hybrid Tea
Joseph's Coat Red, Pink, Orange & Yellow Climber
Judy Garland Bicolor Yellow/Orange Floribunda
Julia Child (Own Root) Yellow Floribunda
Jump for Joy Peachy-Pink Floribunda
Ketchup & Mustard Red W/Yellow Under Floribunda
Knock Out (Own Root) Red Shrub
Lava Flow Red Floribunda
Lemon Drop Lemonade yellow Miniature
Livin' Easy Apricot-Orange Blend Floribunda
Love Song Lavender Floribunda
Mardi Gras Pink, Yellow & Orange Floribunda
Midnight Blue Dark Purple Shrub
Miss Congeniality White with pink blush Grandiflora
Morden Centennial (Own Root) Pink Shrub
Morden Fireglow Orange Shrub
Morden Sunrise (Own Root) Orange Shrub
Nearly Wild (Own Root) Pink Shrub
Neil Diamond Pink with White Stripes Hybrid Tea
Neptune (36" Tree Form) Lavender Hybrid Tea
Night Owl Wine Purple Climber
Octoberfest Orange, Peach & Yellow Grandiflora
Oh My! Deep Red Floribunda
Oklahoma Red Hybrid Tea
Oranges n' Lemons Orange/Yellow Shrub
Outta the Blue (Own Root) Purple Shrub
Paint the Town (Own Root) Medium Red Shrub
Party Hardy Deep Pink Shrub
Perfect Moment Orange/Red Hybrid Tea
Perfume Delight Pink Hybrid Tea
Persian Yellow Yellow Rugosa
Pretty Lady Rose Vibrant Pink Hybrid Tea
Purple Splash Purple W/White Stripe Climber
Purple Tiger Stripe and Flecked Purple & White Floribunda
Radiant Perfume Yellow Grandiflora
Rio Samba Yellow/Orange Hybrid Tea
Rock & Roll White/Red Speckle Grandiflora
Ruby, Ruby (Own Root) Deep Red Miniature
Scentimental Burgundy/Cream Floribunda
Sexy Rexy Coral Pink Floribunda
Sky's the Limit Yellow Climber
Smoke Rings Melon orange w/ smoky purple border Miniature
Smokin' Hot Yellow Hybrid Tea
Sparkle & Shine Yellow Floribunda
St. Patrick Bicolor Yellow/Green Hybrid Tea
Stormy Weather Magenta Climber
Sugar Moon Pure White Hybrid Tea
Sunstruck Apricot/Orange Hybrid Tea
Take it Easy Red Shrub
Therese Bugnet Medium Pink Rugosa
Tiddly Winks Pink Blend Miniature
Tropical Lightning Orange-cream Climber
Trumpeter Scarlet Floribunda
Twilight Zone Deep Purple Grandiflora
Vavoom Orange Floribunda
White Meidiland White Shrub
William Baffin Deep Pink Climber
Winnipeg Park (Own Root) Pink Shrub
Yellow Brick Road (Own Root) Deep Yellow Shrub