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Ornamental grass landscaping is an easy, low-maintenance option for adding interest to containers, beds, and landscaped areas of your property. Ornamental grasses are a top pick for gardeners looking to add color year-round, with pretty feathery flowers. Many varieties are deer-resistant, and can provide excellent ground cover.

Featured grass:

Autumn Flame Grass (Miscanthus purpurascens)

This is one of the very best Miscanthus cultivars available today. Its fantastic fall color, upright habit, early flowering time, and extreme cold hardiness have certainly earned it this recognition.

From early to midseason, the leaves are a pleasant grey-green. In the fall, they turn a brilliant reddish orange. The seed heads begin to appear in late summer with magenta hues. As winter approaches, they transform into silky white panicles which are especially lovely when backlit by the early morning or late afternoon sun.

Miscanthus is versatile from a design standpoint; it can be used as a specimen, for massing or screening, in large containers, or at the pond’s edge. Plant this grass where its wonderful interest can be enjoyed.

autumn flameAutumn Flame Grass


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Common Name
Genus species 'Cultivar'
Mature Plant Size Hardiness Zone Exposure Other
Carex buchananii 'Firefox'
Bolt upright reddish-brown blades
H: 2 ft
5-9 Deer Resistant
Golden Sedge
Carex elata 'Aurea'
Fine textured, bright golden yellow leaves.
H: 18-24 in
W: 18-24 in
5 Sun Deer Resistant
Toffee Twist
Carex flagellifera
Has a gentle cascading habit with a nice toffee color.
H: 12-16 in
7 Deer Resistant
Everoro Sedge
Carex oshimensis EverColor 'Everoro'
Brightly variegated foliage in yellow and green. More defined striping than the Evergold.
H: 10-16 in
7 Sun Deer Resistant
White Pampas Grass
Cortaderia selloana
A large specimen grass with feathery white plumes.
H: 8 ft +
7 Deer Resistant
Pink Pampas Grass
Cortaderia selloana 'Rosea'
A large specimen grass with feathery pink plumes.
H: 8 ft +
7 Deer Resistant
Lemon Grass
Cymbopogon citrarus
Fast growing grass with strong lemon scent.
H: 2-6 ft
9 Deer Resistant
Prince Tut Papyrus
Cyperus 'Prince Tut'
Half the size of King Tut- same large, showy plumes.
H: 18-30 in
10 Sun
Dwarf Egyptian Papyrus
Cyperus alternifolia
Slender green blades umbrella out from the top of a tall sturdy stem. Needs wet soils.
H: 2-3 ft
W: 3-5 ft
9 Sun
Egyptian Papyrus
Cyperus involucratus
Rapid grower that prefers very moist conditions.
H: 4-5 ft
9 Deer Resistant
King Tut Papyrus
Cyperus 'King Tut'
Grows well in both standing water and in boggy soils. Very showy ornamental grass.
H: 4-5 ft
9 Deer Resistant
Love Grass
Eragrostis 'Wind Dancer'
Narrow powder blue foliage with airy plumes.
H: 3-4 ft
6-10 Deer Resistant
Fiber Optic Grass
Isolepis Cernua Select
Sun to part shade. Thin hairlike stems grow in clumps. Keep well watered.
H: 6-12 in
8 Deer Resistant
Blue Arrows Juncus
Juncus inflexus
Stong upright blue-green stems. Tolerates sun and standing water.
H: 2-4 ft
5 Deer Resistant
Javelin Juncus
Juncus pallidus
Upright, stiff green blades. Moist soil. Full sun.
H: 4-5 ft
7 Deer Resistant
Bunny Tails
Lagurus ovatus
Puffy, cream colored flower heads over tight mounds of narrow, arching blades.
H: 12-18 in
W: 12 in
8 Deer Resistant
Ruby Grass
Melinis n. 'Savannah'
Ruby pink blooms in June. Great for dried arrangements.
H: 10 in
10 Deer Resistant
Muhly Grass
Muhlenergia capaillaris
Fine, dark foliage. Showy pink panicles that float above the blades.
H: 3 ft
W: 3 ft
6 Deer Resistant
Mexican Feather Grass
Nassella t. 'Pony Tails'
Silky flowers appear in June. Nice mounding habit.
H: 12-18 in
7 Deer Resistant
Napier Grass
Pennisetum 'Vertigo'
Dark purple foliage that doesn't fade. Heat tolerant.
H: 48-96 in
7 Sun Deer Resistant
Ornamental Millet Purple Majesty
Pennisetum glaucum 'Purple Majesty'
Almost black foliage for accent.
H: 7-8 ft
7 Deer Resistant
Prince Fountain Grass
Pennisetum purpureum 'Prince'
Deep purple blades that will not fade in the summer.
H: 5-6 ft
7 Deer Resistant
Fountain Grass
Pennisetum rueppelianum (setaceum)
Mounding fine textured foliage.
H: 2-3 ft
9 Deer Resistant
Verigated Fountain Grass 'Cherry Sparkler'
Pennisetum setaceum 'Cherry Sparkler'
Stripes of pink, burgundy, green, and white with graceful, arching foliage. Midsummer reddish-purple plumes.
H: 18-24 in
W: 18-24 in
9 Sun Deer Resistant
Variegated Fountain Grass 'Fireworks'
Pennisetum setaceum 'Fireworks'
Colorful variegated foliage. Perfect for containers.
H: 2 ft
9 Deer Resistant
Princess Fountain Grass
Pennisetum setaceum 'Princess'
Deep purple blades that will not fade in the summer.
H: 18-24 in
W: 18-24 in
8 Sun Deer Resistant
Purple Fountain Grass
Pennisetum setaceum 'Rubrum'
Top selling ornamental grass, burgundy-red foliage.
H: 3-5 ft
9 Deer Resistant
Napier Grass
Pennisetum x 'Regal Princess'
Deep purple, arching blades. Thrives in heat.
H: 3 ft
7 Deer Resistant
Napier Grass
Pennisetum x 'First Knight'
Deep, dark purple-black foliage. Upright blades give a strong appearance.
H: 4-5 ft
W: 2-3 ft
8 Deer Resistant