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Are you looking to tame overgrown brush and add new life to your yard?

The gardens and landscaping design professionals at Jolly Lane Greenhouse can help you choose the perfect plants and trees to enhance your property and increase the value of your home. With a little expert advice, landscape design tools, and some DIY gardening tips, we can help give your backyard a green makeover.

Landscape gardening can increase your property value while making your surroundings more attractive and enjoyable. When selecting trees and plants for your property, there are many things to consider:

  • Space: What do you want the final landscape to look like?
  • Size: How fast will the tree grow? How big will it get? It is common to want to plant more in a space than will comfortably fit when the plants are full-grown. Just remember that your trees and plants will grow and will need their space.
  • Soil: Test your soil. Will the trees and plants you want require special soil amendments?
  • Survival: Is your plant selection hardy for our zone?
  • Shade: Does the plant need full or partial shade?
  • Hardiness: Do you need a plant that is deer resistant?

Eco-Conscious Landscaping

An eco-conscious garden design can increase the energy efficiency of your home while minimizing the need for watering, mowing and other garden maintenance. The plants and landscape design you choose can reduce your energy consumption and water usage.

Try mulching with bark, rock, yard clippings, compost, or straw around your trees, bushes and other landscape plants. Not only will the mulch make landscaping easier by cutting down on watering and maintenance, it can also help build nutrients in your soil to naturally (and organically) encourage healthy trees and plants.

Plant Selections

Browse our selection of trees, grasses, and shrubs, then visit us at the Greenhouse to get started!

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