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Grow fresh produce in your own backyard, with seeds and seedlings from Jolly Lane Greenhouse. Enjoy the garden-to-table goodness of crisp homegrown vegetables like corn, onions, pea pods, and lettuce, and other local favorites. Whether you eat them straight from the vine, freeze or can your produce, Jolly Lane has a huge selection of plants as well as vegetable garden planting advice from a vegetable planting guide to keep your edible garden producing all season long.

Featured Vegetable:

Big Jim Chile Pepper

The Numex Big Jim is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the producer of the largest Chile pods ever grown, with specimans in excess of a foot long not unknown. The variety was developed in the mid 1970's by Dr. Nakayama as a result of a bredding program at the New Mexico State University (NMSU), home of the Chile Pepper Institute. Plants grow easily and vigourously and are surprisingly small in comparison to the gigantic pods growing between 24" to 36" high. Up to 30 pods may grow on a single plant which ripen from green to a deep red approximately 80 days after transplanting seedlings. Due to the pod size and mild heat quotient (500 to 2,500 SHU), Big Jim is perfect for making decorative “ristras” as well as the classic (and very tasty) chile relleno dish. To make Chile Relleno's, roast, peel and de-seed ripe chiles. Stuff them with your favorite plain or herbed cheese (cheddar cheeses work well). In a small bowl, beat two eggs with a dash of salt and a tablespoon of flour to make a light batter. Dip each stuffed pepper into the batter before frying in hot olive or vegetable oil in a heavy skillet. Drain on paper towels, sprinkle with a bit of additional cheese, top broil and serve with a fresh salsa. You can also add diced, cooked chicken or beef to the cheese stuffing if you wish or any other combinations you wish to try. Delicious!!

big jim chile peppers


Vegetables 2017
Common Name
Genus species 'Cultivar'
Artichoke- Imperial Star
Artichoke buds are ready for harvest when the top bud reaches a 2 to 4 in. Artichoke plants are at their best as the plant matures at 2 to 3 years old. Once established, an artichoke plant will provide you with healthy crops from 4 to 7 years.
Asparagus Roots 'Jersy Knight' (Bare Root 2 Yr #1 Pkg of 6)
High-yields! Extra large, uniform, tender spears. Matures April through mid-May. Very reliable.
Asparagus Roots 'Mary Washington' (Bare Root 2 Yr #1 Pkg of 6)
Produces heavier yields with tighter tips. Superior flavor, reliability and an extra long cutting period. Disease resistant. The delicious asparagus shoots (called "spears") are tender, thick, heavy and straight and are of a rich dark green color with a purple tinge. They are uniform in size, about 10 inches in length.
Asparagus Roots 'Purple Passion' (Bare Root 2 Yr #1 Pkg of 6)
A purple asparagus that when cooked looses its color, however is great used in salads. They have a nice nutty flavor, and do well in any climate.
Bean 'Gold 'N Green Mix II'
Beans are ready to harvest about 2 weeks after they bloom. This two color gourmet mix of slender, French filet type beans are crisp and stringless. They are slightly sweet in flavor, and very tender.
Bean 'Blue Lake Bush'
Maturity - 56 Days excellent fresh, frozen or for canning. Plants are widely adaptable with heavy yields. The snap bean (or green bean) is eaten pod and all
Beet 'Avalanche'
Avalanche white beets have the sweetness of a red beat, but not the bitterness of most other beets.
Beet 'Avalanche'
Quick and easy to grow, a real taste treat. The uniformly shaped roots are creamy white with no reddish tinge and offer a mild, very sweet flavor with no bitter, earthy aftertaste. Harvest at 2.75-3 in. and enjoy raw or cooked.
Beet 'Bulls Blood'
Heirloom variety. Harvest dark red-purple foliage in 35 days for baby leaf tops. Best for ornamental use.
Broccoli 'Arcadia'
(F1, 63-68 days) produces uniform, small-beaded purplish-green heads, each 5-6” (13-15 cm) across. Strong cold tolerance makes this one of the best types of broccoli for fall and winter production. Resists head rot, downy mildew, and brown bead.
Broccoli 'Aspabroc F1' Broccolini
50-60 days
Broccoli 'Green Magic'
Germ 3-10 days. A reliable producer for an early to mid summer harvest or for a fall crop with a mid summer planting. Smooth, attractive, blue green heads are tightly packed. After the main head is cut it will have a high amount of side shoots
Brussel Sprouts 'Hestia'
100 days. Hestia's flavor, uniformity and performance are so exceptional it earned a 2015 AAS award. These apple green, 1 inch sprouts swell on well-stacked, 30 inch tall plants. Particularly tolerant of both warm and cold weather, the buttons sweeten up while other varieties require lower temperatures to do so.
Brussels Sprouts 'Jade Cross F1'
Vigorous, extra early variety produces medium-firm, deep green, 1-in sprouts. Tolerates heat stress.
Cabbage 'OS Cross'
The plant produces heads over 6 inches deep and almost 1 foot across that develop on short stems 85 days after planting.
Cabbage 'Fast Vantage'
Maturity - 59 Days Early season, very uniform variety. Matures up to 6 weeks earlier than other cabbage varieties. Produces 2- to 3-lb.,uniform heads with a sweet, mild flavor ideal for slaw and sauerkraut.
Cabbage 'Gold Mark'
Maturity - 50 Days Compact, early, split resistant variety produces solid, 6in.(15cm)heads with mild, sweet flavor; white, juicy interior; and small cores. Holds well for long harvesting.
Cabbage 'Late Flat Dutch'
Maturity - 100 Days Speciality cabbage. Tender heads with a short core. Solid, flat-topped, blue-green heads weight 12-14 lb. Leaves are sweet enough for any cabbage dish.
Cabbage 'Red Jewel' (75-80 days - 3-5 lb.)
This delicious red cabbage produces large, tightly packed hearts with crisp, ruby red leaves that can be harvested from late July to October. This RHS AGM variety will stand in the ground over a long period and stores well once harvested.
Cabbage 'Stonehead'
Maturity - 50 Days Nearly round heads have excellent holding. Yellows resistant. Round, rock-solid heads average about 4 lbs. and 6 inches across with a small interior core, good texture and fine flavor.
Cantaloupe 'Aphrodite'
A smaller footprint than traditional cantaloupes makes a good choice for smaller gardens. Sweet, aromatic melons have thick, smooth-textures orange flesh. Strong desease, including powdery mildew, resistance.
Cantaloupe 'Sugar Cube'
Each plant produces multiple 4-in fruits with very sweet, deep orange flesh. Outstanding disease resistance and shelf life.
Cantaloupe 'Ball 2076' (Muskmelon)
Maturity - 78 Days One week earlier to fruit and more disease resistant than Ball 1776, Ball 2076 continues to boast a very sweet flavor; thick, orange flesh; and good performance in all areas. Heavily netted with slight sutures.
Cantaloupe 'Burpee Hybrid' (Muskmelon)
Maturity - 82 Days A Classic hybrid known for it's outstanding flavor. Slightly oval fruits ribbed, heavily netted, and weigh about 4lbs ea. Flesh is deep orange, thick, firm and juicy.
Cantaloupe 'Hales Best Jumbo' (Muskmelon)
Maturity - 80 Days Popular heirloom variety. High yields of flavorful, orange-fleshed fruit.
Cauliflower 'Self Blanche'
Maturity - 65 Days Pure white heads are well-shaped and fine-textured. Plant produces flavorful snow ball type cauliflower. Leaves curl upward and cover head to keep sun from ruining white color.
Cauliflower 'Snow Crown'
Maturity - 50 Days Vigorous grower. Good for fresh/frozen use.
Celery 'Peppermint Stick'
Candy-striped pink and white stalks add excitement to soups, stews or snacking. Leaves are excellent in salads or as an attractive garnish. Spicy celery flavor, keeps color when cooked
Celery 'Golden Yellow Self Blanching'
Maturity - 90 Days These plants are stocky, solid, thick, with stalks that blanch easily. Vigorous growing with upright medium foliage, and good yields. Celery produces thick, crisp, juicy, deeply ribbed, tasty celery without the strings or bitter flavor of some other celery
Chives 'Chinese Broad Leafed'
tall garlic chives with wider leaves, reliably hardy in Zone 4
Chives 'Garlic'
Maturity 80-90 days. Garlic-flavored leaves.
Chives 'Grass Onion'
Excellent for seasoning. The plants form neat grass-like clumps of tubular leaves that contribute an onion flavor to salads, creamy soups, potatoes, egg dishes, and other culinary uses that are well established.
Chives 'Staro Chives'
Organic herb Chives 'Staro' has a mild onion flavour that makes an excellent for garnish for potato salad, soups and other savoury dishes. This perennial member of the onion family is undemanding and easy to grow, returning year after year, and attracting bees and butterflies to its pretty pink blooms.
Cilantro 'Santo'
This annual herb has an unmistakable strong, sharp scent and taste that has become the staple ingredient in salsa and other Mexican dishes
Collards 'Bulldog'
An extra uniform top bunch type with a high yield potential and a high tolerance to bolting.
Corn 'Honey 'N Pearl'
Maturity - 76 Days Early-maturing, tender bicolor.
Cucumber 'Eureka F1'
58 days to harvest. Eureka F1 Slicing/Pickling Cucumber produces a unique variety well suited to both slicing and pickling. Produces crisp, very dark green fruit with white spines on vigorous plants. Harvest for pickling from 1.5" and slicing from very small to 7".
Cucumber 'Patio Snacker'
Patio Snacker is a well branched, short, vining variety perfect for large containers with small trellises. This fast-growing plant produces early, continuous high yields of 8-in. (20-cm) dark green fruit with great flavor and a nice crunch.
Cucumber 'Pick A Bushel'
Pickler, semi-bush M 50 days
Cucumber 'Slice More'
Slice More is a high quality slicing cucumber, with uniform, 8.5 inch fruits. Dark green, smooth skin protects a crisp flesh with a very small seed cavity. Plants are easy to grow and withstand varied conditions. The heavy yielding vines produce early (about 63 days from seeding) and continue well into the season
Cucumber 'Suyo Long'
65 days. Long, ribbed, dark green fruit can grow to 18”. They are very mild, sweet and burpless. One of my personal favorites for fresh eating. This productive heirloom comes from northern China and is very attractive
Cucumber 'Armenian' (Slicer) (M) (60 days)
Maturity 65 days. Armenian Cucumbers are more closely related to muskmelons than they are to cucumbers. The cucumbers will grow up to 3 feet (1 metre) long and 3 inches (7 1/2 cm) wide, but they are best harvested when skinny, not fat, and at 12 to 15 inches The cucumbers have thin, ribbed, crunchy, edible light to dark green skin.The seeds inside are edible.
Cucumber 'Burpless' #26 (Slicer) (M) (60 days)
Maturity 60 Days. Will grow straight and 12" long, but quality is best if picked at 8" to 10".
Cucumber 'Bush Pickle' (Pickler)
Maturity - 54 Days Bush-type habit for small gardens/containers. Produces an abundant crop of nice straight cucumbers.
Cucumber 'Diva' (Slicer)
Maturity - 58 Days Non bitter with tender skin. Restant to Scab; tolerant to Powdery/Downy Mildew.
Cucumber 'Lemon'
Maturity - 65 Days Unique variety produces lots of small, round, yellow fruit. Late producing. Sweet and flavorful, good raw or pickled.
Cucumber 'Little Tyke' (Pickler)
Maturity - 34 Days Ideal for baby pickles. Heavy yields of petite fruits with small seed cavities, mild flavor, and crisp texture. Vigorous vines are very adaptable to most soil types.
Cucumber 'Marketmore Select' (Slicer)(68 days)
Marketmore Select cucumber is a smooth, straight slicer with thin, dark green skin and good yields.
Cucumber 'Mexican Sour Gherkin'
Newly rediscovered heirloom. Produces abundant crops of 1-2" fruits reminiscent of tiny watermelons that fall off the vines when ripe. Sweet cucumber flavor contrasted by a surprising sourness, as if they are already pickled. Great for growing on a trellis.
Cucumber 'Salad Crop' (Slicer)
Maturity - 62 Days Compact plants produce uniform, tasty, dark green fruit. Good for growing on trellises or fences.
Cucumber 'Straight Eight' (Slicer)
Maturity - 63 Days Vigorous, productive plants with dark green, cylindrical fruits.
Eggplant 'Amethyst F1'
Oval fruit
Eggplant 'Satin Moon' (Oval fruit)
Bushy plants spread up to 28 in. and bear 6-8 in, almost smooth fruit with flavorful and firm flesh. Great for northern climates.
Eggplant 'Fairy Tale' (Teardrop Fruit)
Maturity - 55 Days Clusters of 3 to 5, sweet, bitterfree fruit up to 2 weeks earlier than others. 18 to 24-in. plants; good for small spaces/containers.
Eggplant 'Gretel' (Teardrop Fruit)
Maturity - 55 Days Earliest white eggplant produces clusters of glossy white mini-fruit, about 3 to 4in long. Petite, 3-ft plants are great for containers and gardens.
Eggplant 'Hansel' (Teardrop Fruit)
Maturity - 55 Days True miniature ideal for containers. Fingerlike clusters of 3 to 6 bitter free fruits. Harvest from 2 to 10in long.
Eggplant 'Little Fingers' (Asian Fruit)
Maturity - 68 Days Slim, 6-8in. fruit in clusters of 3 to 6. Spineless for easy picking.
Garlic 'California Giant'
Top-size bulbs provide more than enough garlic to season all of your favorite dishes. Enjoy its mild flavor in salads, Italian dishes and many other cuisines.
Gourd 'Autumn Wings Mixed'
95 days
Gourd 'Galaxy of Stars'
Maturity - 95 Days Hybrid mix produces unique star-shaped fruit in yellow, cream, orange, green and white with varying striped patterns. Great for Fall displays.
Horseradish (Pkg of 2 Roots)
A perennial plant that can grow up to 5ft, it is cultivated for it's large tapered root. When cut or grated, use immediately or the root looses pungency and becomes bitter.
Kale 'Dinosaur'
The leaves are so hearty that even when well cooked they retain a wonderful firm texture. Store dino kale loosely wrapped in plastic in the fridge. When ready to use, be sure to rinse the leaves well.
Kale 'Prizm'
2016 All-American Selections National Winner produces attractive, short, tight ruffle-edged leaves and can be grown in containers . Easy-to-maintain, almost stemless stalks are quick to re-leaf, so can be harvested early and often for a continual, season long supply.
Kale 'Simply Salad Kale Storm Mix'
The easy way to grow your own delicious and nutritious mixed salads at home. Includes kale varieties in an attractive assortment of textures and colours, including purple, green and blue.
Kohirabi 'Kassak Hybrid'
Maturity - 70 Days Incredibly huge, rounded bulbs up to 10in across grow at least twice the size of other kohlrabi and yet the white flesh maintains its sweet, delicate flavor. Provides a long season of good eating.
Kohirabi 'Winner'
Maturity - 45 Days Fresh, fruity taste. Good holding.
Kohlrabe 'Purple Splendor F1'
Flat, globe-shaped and purple-skinned bulbs are 4 to 6 in. (10 to 15 cm) across and have crunchy white flesh. High yielding with excellent interior quality. Good for late-season harvests. 50 days to maturity.
Kohlrabi 'Konan F1'
2016 All-American Selection offers smooth, globe-shaped bulbs that can grow up to 6 in. in diameter. Perfect upright size and shape for container gardening and garden plots. Upright, uniform leaves resist insect damage.
Leek 'American Flag'
Leeks are similiar to large scallions. they have an onion flavor, with green foliage and white bottoms.
Lettuce ' Simply Salad Wonder Wok Mix'
A delicious mix-up of tasty Asian greens, including mustards, kale and bok choy. These greens are prime candidates for salads, stir-fries and braising.
Lettuce 'Gourmet Blend' (assorted)
Gourmet Blend features a tasty and colorful mix of five looseleafs in shades from green to red and textures from oakleaf to tightly ruffled. Fast-growing, tender, colorful and tolerant of hot weather, our popular looseleaf blend is selected for a long harvest. Grows best in cool weather
Lettuce 'Simply Salad Alfresco Mix'
8-12 in/20-30 cm) Multi-species. Contains red and green leaf lettuces with arugula, endive, and redicchio. Harvest every 3 weeks by cutting back to 2 in/5 cm.
Lettuce 'Buttercrunch' (Bibb Type)
Maturity - 65 Days Popular, top quality variety is easy to grow and yields very tender 4.5 in rosettes.
Lettuce 'Great Lakes' (Iceberg Type)
Maturity - 85 Days Large, erect outer leaves. Leaves are crisp and tender with wonderful flavour. Perfect for making sandwiches and salads.
Lettuce 'Red Oak Leaf' (Looseleaf Type)
Maturity - 50 Days Oak-shaped, red-burgandy leaves on full 8 to 9in rosette heads. Performs well Spring through Fall; color is more intense in cooler weather.
Lettuce 'Simply Salad City Garden Mix' (Assort)
Maturity - 14-21 Days Tasty, good looking mix of greens. Can be harvested every 3 weeks by cutting back to 2in. This attractive mix includes many shades of green and bronze and offers many different leaf textures.
Melon 'French Orange Hybrid'
Rounded fruit with light netting, creamy-yellow rind and lovely tasting deep-orange flesh. Resistant to cracking.
Melon-Honeydew 'Snow Mass'
Excellent-quality, mid-size round fruit has very smooth rind and very sweet, light green flesh. Vigorous vines give excellent cover to heavy fruit set. Best in hot or long growing seasons.
Melon-Honeydew 'Snow Mass'
Excellent, mid size, round fruit. Very smooth rind and very sweet, light green flesh. Best in hot or long growing seasons for maximum fruit set.
Okra 'Jambalaya"
50 days. Traditionally okra has been a crop that's most productive in hot, southern gardens. We're happy to offer this variety that will thrive in even shorter season climates. Jambalaya okra embodies the spirited flavor of Creole cooking with its large, succulent, meaty pods on gorgeous, compact plants. The 5 ridged pods uniformly reach 4–5 inches long. Just right for soups and stews, pickles or canning.
Okra 'Clemson Spineless'
An abundance of dark green, straight, spine-free pods on 3 to 4-ft. plants
Onion 'Ishikura Bunching'
Tender, mildly pungent flavor. Adapts to various climates and is suitable for Spring to late-Fall crops. Perennial oriental bunching onions does not produce bulbs but forms clumps of elongated straight white stems similar to Spring onions. Can be earthed-up to produce leek-like stems.
Onion 'Parade Bunching'
Long, mild green onion. Vigorous, easy to grow, day neutral
Onion 'Red Baron' Bunching
Versatile, long-day variety holds its dark red skin color and purple ring color well. Harvest at 12-15 in for scallion, or later in fall with a mid-sized, mild flavored bulb. Long storage.
Onion 'Red Zeppelin'
The unique hard texture of this versatile red makes it the ideal storing onion. Large roots grow to 4 in. in diameter on strong, vigorous plants.
Onion 'Sierra Blanca'
Maturity - 95 Days Early maturing jumbo variety makes globe-shaped bulbs with very white and shiny scales; flesh is firm and showy white. Good cold tolerance, resistant to Pink Root Rot.
Onion 'Candy'
Maturity - 85 Days Mid-day strain for planting in the North or South. Huge, very early bulbs with golden brown skin, white interior, mild flavor. Thick rings with mostly single centers.
Onion 'Cipollini Borretana Yellow'
Maturity - 80 Days This is a small flat, pale onion. Skins are thin and papery. Sweet onions with more sugar than the garden variety. The small, flat shape lends them well to roasting.
Onion 'Walla Walla Sweet'
Maturity - 125 Days Brown-skinned, sweet, mild. Grow as a Winter crop in the South; sow late summer for June harvest.
Onion 'White Lisbon Bunching'
Maturity - 60 Days Long, mild green onion. Vigorous, easy to grow, day-neutral.
Onion 'White Sweet Spanish'
Maturity - 110 Days Large, globe-shaped bulbs with white skin, fine flesh. Excellent flavor.
Onion 'Yellow Sweet Spanish'
Maturity - 130 Days Large bulbs with medium-firm flesh, brownish yellow skin.
Parsley 'Italian Dark Single'
Flat, deeply cut leaves with rich flavor.
Parsley 'Triple Curled'
Curled, dark green leaves on compact plants.
Peas 'Oregon Sugar Pod'
Maturity - 58-70 days. Flat smooth, 4in pods with mildly flavored peas on productive, 24 to 30-in. vines. Trellis for easy harvest.
Pepper 'Aji Rico' (Hot-Green/Red)
Aji Rico is the first of its kind: a hybrid hot pepper from the Capsicum baccatum species that matures early for short-season production or early summer enjoyment. The large plant produces many thin-walled, crunchy fruits which have a narrow conical shape. Fruit matures from green to red and can be eaten at any stage.
Pepper 'Better Belle' ( Sweet Bell Green/Red)
Better Belle II is a popular green-to-red bell pepper known for early maturity, outstanding color and high yields of quality fruit. Fantastic disease resistance
Pepper 'Big Bertha F1'( Sweet Bell Green/r
Because of their size, Big Bertha hybrid sweet bell peppers are an excellent choice for tasty stuffed pepper recipes, but they’re equally as good on their own or tossed in a salad
Pepper 'Big Jim'
Heirloom. This sturdy New Mexican pepper produces long, smooth, pendant fruits with a mildly hot flavor. This is the most popular chile commercially grown in New Mexico for drying. Plants are vigorous and compact with heavy foliage to prevent sunscald. Pods ripen from green to red.
Pepper 'Bulgarian Carrot' (Hot Gereen/Orange)
The 18-inch tall plant will produce clusters of peppers that are 3 1/2 inches long, and ripen from green to fluorescent orange. Its real gift is an intense fruity flavor, which finishes hot. Crunchy flesh is perfect for roasting, but the flavor is superb for pickles, salsas, chutney, and marinades
Pepper 'Burning Bush F1(Hot Green/Orange)
Red Hot Hybrid Hot Pepper is a very vigorous plant that gives superior yield and good quality fruits.
Pepper 'Cayenetta' F1
Compact, branching plants. Large crops of bright red, mild Cayenne-type chili peppers. Tolerant of hot and cold seasons.
Pepper 'Cheyenne Cheyenne F1' (hot)
High yields of early maturing fruit on a compact plant. 10 days to two weeks earlier than most varieties.
Pepper 'Flaming Flare F1'
This is a Fresno type pepper, bearing brilliant red fruit that are cone-shaped and about 4 inches long. In their green stage, they are fairly similar to a jalapeno, but the mature red peppers develop more heat and a complex flavor described as fruitier and smokier.
Pepper 'Flaming Jade'
2016 All-American Selection Upright, uniform habit makes it perfect for larger containers. Laden with large, long, firm fruit throughout growing season, especially in cooler climates of North America. Disease resistance to X3R, TMV PO, Nematodes
Pepper 'Giant Marconi F1' (sweet)
Marconi is a high-yielding variety, producing giant 8-inch, tapered fruits on robust 30 inch plants. These fleshy peppers have a sweet, smoky flavour that can be enjoyed fresh or roasted.
Pepper 'Giant Ristra' F1
Heavy yield of bright red very hot 7-inch chile peppers. Fruits can either be consumed fresh, roasted, or dried and used as herb.
Pepper 'Gong Bao'
Named for the popular Chinese dish, the slender, thin walled peppers have a pungent flavor and can be used fresh or cooked. Fruit averages 4″-6″ in length and is easy to dry and use throughout the year. Very productive, deep green-leafed plants set fruit continuously. Days to maturity: 80 days
Pepper 'Habanero red'
Habanero Hot Pepper is known for being 100 times hotter than the Jalapeño Pepper. ... Others are ready in the green stage, but will turn red if left on plants.
Pepper 'Mama Mia Giallo'
Very early maturing yellow sweet Italian pepper. Long tapered fruits with easy to remove skin is excellent either fresh, grilled or roasted. Sturdy dark green bushy plants with excellent coverage from sunburn. The somewhat compact 24" plant offers disease tolerance to Tobacco mosaic virus.
Pepper 'Mosquetero' F1
Mosquetero is an attractive poblano (Ancho) that matures from dark green to red. The maturity is mid to late and it is suited for multiple harvests where it has the ability to maintain fruit size. The fruit are long, tapering, high quality, firm, straight, mostly large, and have a high percentage of two lobes. The plants have good vigor, continuous setting ability and are adapted for long cycle production in a wide range of soils and climates.
Pepper 'Purple Beauty'
75 days. This variety produces loads of beautiful bells on compact, bushy plants. Crisp texture and mild, sweet flavor makes this one popular with everyone.
Pepper 'Red Crest'
Conical sweet peppers with medium-thick walls, sweet flavor and colorful presentation. High resistance to PMV and TMV.
Pepper 'Revolution'
72 Days. Revolution pepper produces large to extra-large fruit. Medium tall plants produce good yields of blocky medium green to red maturing fruit which has good wall thickness and a four lobed shape.Revolution has been noted to have early maturity, concentrated set and good yield ability during cool growing periods
Pepper 'Spicy Slice'
Spicy Slice produces extra-large, long fruit on prolific plants with good cover. This variety is early maturing and has wide adaptability. The fruit mature from mid dark green to red & have mid pungency.
Pepper 'Super Chili F1'
The Super Chili is a hybrid that certainly didn’t get its name from bearing mild fruits (40,000–50,000 SHU), so for those who tend to be a bit heat shy, beware!
Pepper 'Sweet Sunset F1'
Compact banana pepper is a high yielding X3R variety that produces colorful tasty peppers that are great fresh and also perfect for canning or pickling. Sweet banana peppers start out light yellow, then turn orange and finally red when mature. Average size is 7 1/2 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide. Even though plants are compact, they produce early, often, and late into the season. 85 days.
Pepper 'Thai Hot'
Thai Hot Ornamental Pepper is known for producing large yields of extremely hot, red fruit. Plants will grow 12 to 15 inches tall.
Pepper 'Tiburon' (Sweet)
Muturity - 65 Days High yields of extra large peppers on vigorous plants with good foliage cover. Mildly pungent flesh is sweeter than other Anchos. Good for roasting.
Pepper 'Time Bomb'
Hot cherry peppers start out dark green but turn to bright red when they are ready for harvest.
Pepper 'Wizzard F1' ( Sweet Bell Dk Gr/Red)
Wizard (with X3R®) produces high yields of dark green fruit and is well-adapted for spring and summer production throughout the United States. I
Pepper 'Yellow Crest'
Conical sweet pepper with medium thick walls, sweet flavor and bright color. Green to yellow when mature. High resistance to PMV and TMV
Pepper 'Alma Paprika' (Sweet)
Maturity - 70-80 Days Popular Hungarian pickling type has thick, crunchy, medium-hot fruit that are mushroom-shaped.
Pepper 'Anaheim TMR' (Hot)
Maturity - 74-76 Days Long, tapered fruit are flat, thick-walled and smooth. Mild pepper is good for roasting.
Pepper 'Apache' (Hot)
Maturity - 75 Days High-yielding, upright and compact, 16 to 18-in. plants are well suited to patio planters. Produces high yields of small, hot-tasting fruit that are perfect for salsas.
Pepper 'Bhut Jolokia Red'
This is the world's hottest chili pepper, the most pungent tested.
Pepper 'Cajun Belle' (Sweet)
Maturity - 61 Days Up to 2 weeks earlier than others of this type, producing 1-oz. peppers with a mildly spicy taste just right for fresh eating and salsa. Can be enjoyed green or red.
Pepper 'California Wonder' (Sweet)
Maturity - 75 Days. Particularly good for stuffing, but also tasty enough for salads, California wonder is an excellent sweet bell for cold climates. In longer season climates, peppers turn bright red after maturing.
Pepper 'Carmen' (Sweet)
Maturity - 74-76 Days Distinctive, tapered Italian style bull's horn style fruit. Medium-thick. Very sweet raw or cooked. Earlier and more widely adapted than other Italian peppers.
Pepper 'Cayennetta'
'Cayennetta' is an excellent tasting mildly spicy pepper that is very easy to grow, even for novice gardeners. This 3 to 4-inch chili pepper yielded bigger fruits from a very well branched upright plant that required no staking which would make it perfect for a container or patio planter.
Pepper 'Cheyenne' (Hot)
Maturity - 75 Days Large, hot, bright, orange fruit grows on compact, cascading plants that are well-suited to baskets and planters.
Pepper 'Chocolate Beauty' (Sweet)
Maturity - 67 Days Sweet, non-pungent fruit on plants with the performance and habit of bell types.
Pepper 'Cubanelle' (Sweet)
Maturity - 68 Days Thin-walled fruit is firm, smooth and glossy with a sweet mild flavor.
Pepper 'Early Summer' F1
Early Summer is an early to mid-early maturing, extra-large, dark green-to-yellow bell pepper with strong plants providing good fruit cover and a very impressive yield potential.
Pepper 'Flavor burst Hybrid' (Sweet-Green/Yellow)
Maturity 72 days. Heavy-yielding plants produce loads of blocky 4 inch long lime-green fruits with thick walls and a crunchy, juicy texture. Fruits mature to a deep golden yellow and the sweet flavor with citrusy undertones only gets sweeter as the fruits mature.
Pepper 'Fooled You' (Sweet)
Maturity - 65 Days Jalapeno shape and distinctive flavor, without the pungent "heat". High yielding. Thick walled.
Pepper 'Garden Salsa' (Hot)
Maturity - 73 Days Moderately hot, tapered fruit has medium thick walls.
Pepper 'Golden California Wonder' (Sweet)
Maturity - 62-73 Days Smooth, blocky, blunt-ended peppers are 4-lobed and thick-walled with sweet, mild flavor. Sturdy plants set continuosly.
Pepper 'Gypsy' (Sweet)
Maturity - 60-65 Days Vigorous, continous-fruiting plants bear an abundance of very sweet, wedge-shaped fruit.
Pepper 'Habanero' Orange' (Hot)
Maturity - 90-100 Days The second hottest pepper available. Thin walled fruit wrinkles at maturity.
Pepper 'Holy Mole' (Hot)
Maturity - 85 Days Tapered, pasilla-type peppers with distinctive, not-too-spicey flavor. Use fresh or dried.
Pepper 'Hungarian Yellow Wax' (Hot)
Maturity - 65-70 Days Early, medium thick-walled fruit. These hot, tapered fruits are great for pickling or drying. They grow canary yellow, turning to bright red when ripe.
Pepper 'Jalafuego F1'
This is the hottest jalapeño pepper in the market! Jalafuego has a large vigorous plant with excellent yields of extra- large, smooth, and very dark green fruit.
Pepper 'Jalapeno Goliath' (Hot)
Maturity - 65-68 Days Giant thick-walled peppers. Plant produces good yields of 3 ¼" long by 1 ½" wide hot peppers. Peppers are hot, have thick walls, and turn from glossy dark green to scarlet red when mature.
Pepper 'Jalapeno' (Hot)
Maturity - 75-80 Days Pungent peppers deliver flavor and heat.
Pepper 'Jamaica Scotch Bonnet' (Hot)
Maturity - 120 Days This plant produces good yields of hot peppers. Extremely hot and turn from green to golden yellow when mature.
Pepper 'La Bomba' (Jalapeno)(Hot-Dark Green)
Maturity: 56 A high-quality jalapeno with good flavor and medium heat. Large, 2-3/4" long by 1" wide, dark green fruits have thick walls with little to no etching.
Pepper 'Lemon Drop' (Hot)
Maturity - 100 Days A hot citrus like-flavored pepper. The bright yellow, crinkled, cone-shaped fruits are about 2.5-in long and have fewer seeds than an average pepper.
Pepper 'Mariachi' (Hot)
Maturity - 66 Days Improved Santa Fe Grande type. Early, high-yielding. Mild, thick flesh is good fresh, roasted, pickled. Widely adapted.
Pepper 'Mohawk' (Sweet)
Maturity - 75 Days Sweet, orange pepper has a spreading, cascading habit that is good for hanging baskets and patio planters.
Pepper 'Orange Blaze' (Sweet)
Maturity - 65-70 Days Bears gorgeous 2 to 3-lobed fruits that mature early and boast very sweet flavor.
Pepper 'Pimento Elite' (Sweet)
Maturity - 72-75 Days Good yields of heart-shaped, sweet, thick-walled fruit. Delicious flavor when roasted. Plants grow 20-24in tall.
Pepper 'Pinot Noir' (Sweet)
Maturity - 68 Days Large, blocky fruits blush simultaneously to shades of citrus, berry and cherry red. The thick-walled peppers are very sweet and firm. Widely adaptable plants set fruit from cool to hot, humid conditions.
Pepper 'Purple Jalapeno' (Hot)
Maturity - 75 Days Produce bullet shaped fruit that turn deep purple before maturing to red with full flavor and heat. These plants can also be ornamental.
Pepper 'Red Knight' (Sweet)
Nice sweet red pepper, produces big, blocky peppers that mature to red early in the season. Disease resistant.
Pepper 'Redskin' (Sweet)
Maturity - 75 Days A true dwarf pepper plant! Upright and compact, 12-14in plants bear many tasty peppers that hold well.
Pepper 'Super Chili' (Hot)
Maturity - 75 Days Very productive, semi-compact plants produce upward-facing, cone-shaped chili peppers with a spicy flavor. Also good for ornamental use.
Pepper 'Sweet Banana' (Sweet)
Maturity - 65-70 Days Medium-thick walls. Banana type.
Pepper 'Sweet Cherry' (Sweet)
Maturity - 75 Days Easy to harvest sweet cherry good for pickling. Uniform fruit with excellent flavor.
Pepper 'Sweet Heat'
Tasty 'Sweet Heat' can produce 65% higher vitamin C content than the average garden pepper.** Mildly spicy peppers are delicious raw or cooked whether picked green or red. Extreme earliness gives sweetness of ripe fruit with just the right amount of spice.
Pepper 'Thai Hot' (Hot)
Maturity - 70 Days This pepper is ornamental as well as edible for those who can stand the heat. One of the top ten hottest peppers. They are great in containers. The 1in peppers start out green and mature to a deep red.
Pumpkin ' Knuckle Head F1' (12-16 lbs.)
Maturity 105 days. Knuckle Head displays greenish orange colored warts on an orange background. A fantastic addition to Halloween displays.
Pumpkin 'Kandy Korn' (1 lb.) (90 days)
110 days to harvest. Kandy Korn Pumpkin Seeds produce pumpkins with a deep orange color, moderate ribbing with medium sized handles. Shows an elevated tolerance to powdery mildew. Semi-vine plants produces good yields, with 10-15 lb fruit.
Pumpkin 'Magic Lantern' (16-24 lbs.) (115 days)
Maturity 115 Days. Magic Lantern's classic 16-24 lb. slightly upright fruit are produced on semi-vine plants. Space saving often increases yield per acre. Fruit average 12 in. wide x 14 in. high and have an attractive dark orange color with medium ribs.
Pumpkin 'New England Pie'
Dark orange-skinned pumpkins in a range of small sizes, typically 4-6 lb. Although not as sweet as squash, the well-colored, orange flesh is relatively starchy, dry, and stringless. 105 days
Pumpkin 'Warty Goblin'
Heavily warted pumpkins mature to bright orange while the warts retain their green coloration for several weeks post-harvest. The hard shell fruits average 8 to 20 pounds each with dark green, firmly attached handle Good resistance to Powdery Mildew
Pumpkin 'Big Max'
Maturity - 120 Days Nearly round with red-orange skin.
Pumpkin 'Dill's Atlantic Giant'
Maturity - 130 Days The grandaddy of giant pumpkins has grown as large as 1,400 lbs. Used mainly for Fall fairs and pumpkin competitions. Fruit varies from yellow to orange, with slightly rough skin.
Pumpkin 'Fairytale'
Maturity - 115 Days Deeply lobed, squat fruit is a deeply tan color with orange flesh inside. Bears numerous 12-18in pumpkins with thick, strong handles on vigorous 10-ft vines. Good for eating or ornamental use.
Pumpkin 'Flat White Boer'
Attractive, very flat, pure white pumpkins that are unique and tasty. Very firm and sweet orange flesh is perfect for pies and baking. Flat White Boer Ford offers a unique shape for specialty markets and fall displays.
Pumpkin 'Howden'
Maturity - 115 Days A traditional favorite. Good yields of intensely orange pumpkins with defined ribs.
Pumpkin 'Jack-Be-Little'
Maturity - 95 Days Deep orange, fruit with ribs. Lasts up to 12 months if fully cured on the vine.
Pumpkin 'Orange Smoothie'
Maturity - 90 Days Smooth, dark orange, globe-shaped pumpkins with strong stems. Semi-bush, determinate plants work well in small-space gardens.
Pumpkin 'Wee-B-Little'
Maturity - 120 Days Rounded mini-pumpkins are deep orange for ornamental use. High-yielding, bush type plants are ideal for small gardens.
Pumpkin 'Wolf'
This is a newer pumpkin variety. Super strong handles, it is dark orange in color and moderately priced.
Seed Potatoes 'Kennebec' White (Per Pound)
This is a large potato with pretty, thin light tan skin. It holds together well and doesn't get mushy. This plant has a high and dependable yield of large potatoes. Hardy and easily grown.
Seed Potatoes 'Norland' Red (Per Pound)
A good uniform tuber, with snow white flesh- good boiled, steamed, fried, or mashed. Grows well anywhere.
Seed Potatoes 'Pontiac' Red (Per Pound)
Most likely the easiest and most adaptable red potato that there is to grow. With a great consistant flavor, deep red skin and eyes, and white flesh. Grows well in Northern regions.
Seed Potatoes 'Yukon Gold' Yellow (Per Pound)
European-style yellow fleshed potato renowned for outstanding flavor and dry texture. An excellent keeper.
Shallot 'Ambition'
120 days. A traditional globe-shaped shallot and rust-colored skin. Bulbs measure 1 1/2-2 inches across and have an ivory-white flesh. They'll store 60-90 days.
Solanum Melanocerasum 'Chichiquelite Garden'
Solanum melanocerasum. Not actually a tomato but a solanum cousin. Collected from Piedras Verdes, a Mayo community in Sonora, Mexico. Commonly called the garden huckleberry, the leaves are cooked (do not eat raw!) and the shiny black berries are edible and delicious.
Spinach 'Avon F1'
Avon is a fast growing very bolt tolerant savoy spinach variety. A preferred growing slot is early spring or late summer. It has dark green, elongated oval leaves
Squash 'Blue Magic Hubbard' ( Winter Squash)
Maturity - 100 Days Semi-bush habit is ideal for small spaces. Nearly black skin and pale yellow, sweet dry flesh.
Squash 'Burgess Buttercup' (Winter Squash)
Maturity - 100 Days Semi-bush habit is ideal for small spaces. Nearly black skin, and pale yellow, sweet dry flesh.
Squash 'Carnival' (Winter Squash)
Maturity - 85 Days This pumpkin shaped squash has a pale yellow skin with green markings and often ranges in size from 5-7in. They have hard thick skin and only the flesh is eaten.
Squash 'Early Butternut' (Winter Squash)
Maturity - 82 Days Gold, smooth-skinned fruit. Compact, semi-bush variety.
Squash 'Early Summer Crookneck' (Yellow Crookneck Summer Squash)
Maturity - 45 Days Smooth, bright yellow curved-neck fruits mature to orange-yellow. Meaty, flavorful interior.
Squash 'Eight Ball' (Green Zucchini Summer Squash)
Maturity - 35 Days Uniform, shiny, round fruits mature several days earlier than others. Vigorous bushes are easy to harvest.
Squash 'Flying Saucer' F1(Patty Pan Summer Squash)
They are more highly ribbed than other patty pans for a unique look. Fruits are dense, nutty, and flavorful.
Squash 'Golden Zebra' (Yellow Zucchini Summer Squash)
Maturity - 50 Days Straight, blocky and cylindrical fruit is bright golden yellow, with very crisp and flavorful flesh.
Squash 'Multipik' (Straightneck Summer Squash)
Maturity - 50 Days Golden yellow fruit on early, very prolific plants.
Squash 'Spaghetti' (Winter Squash)
Maturity - 100 Days Oblong, mid-size yellow fruits. Tasty, pasta-like interior. Harvested in late Summer/Fall,can be stored several months in a cool/dry location.
Squash 'Spineless Beauty' (Green Zucchini Summer Squash)
Maturity - 43 Days This plant produces heavy yields of green zucchini. This is an exceptional variety that is best harvested at 8in long. Great for canning or freezing
Squash 'Taybelle' (Acorn Winter Squash)
Maturity - 72 Days High-quality, powdery mildew-resistant acorn squash matures from dark green to jet black. Semi-bush plants are good for higher density planting.
Squash 'Zucchini Elite' (Green Zucchini Summer Squash)
Maturity - 48 Days This plant produces heavy yields of green zuccini. It is an exceptional variety, that is best harvested when fruit is 8in long. Great for canning or freezing.
Strawberries 'Eversweet'
Perfect for patio gardens. This everbearing plant produces sweet, long, cone-shaped strawberries in its very first year! It will continue producing, even when temperatures exceed 80ºF. Ripens each summer and continues to fruit into fall. Self-pollinating.
Strawberries 'Honeoye'
Hardy, consistent producer. This vigorous plant bears crops reliably, with good runner production. Delicious fresh, frozen, or in jams and wines. Cold hardy. Ripens in June. Self-pollinating.
Strawberries 'Seascape' (Day neutral)
Day-neutral strawberries differ from traditional June-bearing types in that they flower and fruit continuously when temperatures are moderate
Strawberries 'Allstar' June Bearing (6 Pak or Bare Root)
This strawberry plant is vigorous and very productive. Fruit is firm, with good red color, and is mild and sweet flavored. Disease resistant.
Strawberries 'Fort Laramie' Everbearing (6 Pak or Bare Root)
This is an everbearing plant, with large scarlet berries. Firm, sweet flesh and exceptional flavor. Works well in hanging baskets.
Strawberries 'Improved Rugen' (6 Pak)
This variety of strawberry originated in the Swiss Alps, they are known as Alpine strawberries. Strong growers, producing scarlet red fruit, small in size and intense in flavor.
Strawberries 'Mignonette' (6 Pak)
Maturity - 80 Days Compact, wood alpine-type is well-suited to baskets and containers. Easy to grow and runnerless; produces small leaves and white flowers with fragrant, sweet, 1in fruits all season.
Strawberry 'Ozark Beauty'
Swiss Chard 'Bright Lights'
Maturity - 60 Days Unique yellow, gold, orange, pink, violet, green and striped stems, plus standard red and white. Mild flavor. Tender bronze or dark green leaves. Good ornamental.
Tomatillo 'Grande Rio Verde'
High yields of 3 oz. Mexican husk tomatoes on a medium determinate plant.
Tomatillo 'Purple'
Beautiful purple fruit when ripe, large size. Many are a bright violet color throughout their flesh. Much sweeter than the green types; it can be eaten right off the plant.
Tomatillo 'verde'
Tomato 'Bumble Bee Sunrise'
Purple Bumble Bee Tomato 60-70 days. Slightly elongated little cherries with the most outrageous striping in lime green and bronzy-purple! Crack-resistant fruits are produced all season long on plants that are unfazed by temperature extremes. The flavor is complex but sweet. Excellent holding quality makes this newer type outstanding for market.
Tomato 'Chef Choice Orange'
Chef's Choice Orange is a delicious update of the old heirloom favorite Amana Orange. A heavy producer, well-branched vining plant in need of good support. Easily 5 feet high before the season is over, offering foliage protection Chef's Choice is the tomato that won't look muddy when it's sauteed, baked, broiled, or steamed.
Tomato 'Cherokee Carbon F1' Ind.
A gorgeous dusky purple beefsteak with rich, complex flavor, this hybrid is a cross between two heirloom taste-test winners, Cherokee Purple and Carbon. Makes one of the most delicious tomato sandwiches you’ll ever taste! Cherokee Carbon tends to produce more fruit than either of its parents. Plants can get pretty tall, so be sure to support them with strong stakes or sturdy cages
Tomato 'Chocolate Sprinkles'
Hybrid. This cherry tomato has it all: good looks, great flavor, heavy yields, and disease resistance. Bite-sized, cherry-type fruits are beautifully colored — red striped with dark green — that explode with rich, robust flavor. This highly productive plant forms its fruit in clusters, and starts bearing early in the season. Support Chocolate Sprinkles Tomato with stakes or sturdy cage at planting time.
Tomato 'Genuwine Heirloom Marriage'
Bright red slicer with well-balanced, old-time look and flavour. Ready to harvest 12 to 19 days. A cross of Costoluto Genovese x Brandywine. Best in-ground.
Tomato 'Goliath Hybrid'
Smooth bright-red, deep oblate fruits averaging 10 to 15 oz., sweet luscious flavor, virtually blemish-free exterior. Tall vigorous plants produce yield after yield, widely adaptable
Tomato 'Health Kick' (Determinate)
Packed with 50% more of the beneficial antioxidant lycopene, this prolific saladette produces a bountiful crop of 4 oz. sweet red fruits.
Tomato 'Indigo Fireball'
Blazing yellow globe fruit with heavy indigo pigmentation on the shoulders and around the crown. Fruits weigh 1-1.5 oz. A pleasantly tart, acidic flavor. F1 Hybrid. Determinate, 80 days
Tomato 'Indigo Kumquat'
75 Days. The tangerine orange smooth skin of these 1 oz plum-shaped fruit blush to deep purple-blue where exposed to the sun. Flavor is sweet with light acidity. Semi-indeterminate vines bear fruit in trusses of 6-8, and the fruit resists cracking.
Tomato 'Indigo Rose'
Anthocyanins are powerful anti-oxidants. Indigo Rose develops a dark purple pigment in its skin where exposed to direct sunlight. the 1-2 oz. tomatoes have good flavor with 'plummy' overtones. Moderately vigorous. Compact indeterminate.
Tomato 'Indigo Sun'
Bright yellow cherry fruit with indigo anthocyanin pigmentation on the shoulders and around the crown. Exceptional flavor. Can have eight fruits per cluster, that weigh 1 oz. each. Semi-Indeterminate, 80 days
Tomato 'La Roma III' (Determinate)
Large tasty fruit on large vigorous plants. Resists Alternaria, gray leaf spot, root knot nematodes.
Tomato 'Little Napoli F1'
One of the only patio romas, with disease resistance for better garden success. High yields for such a small plant – harvest enough at one time for a batch of salsa or sauce. Best in containers.
Tomato 'Micro Tom'
Considered to be the world's smallest tomato, with plants only 6 to 8" tall, bearing loads of flavorful, 1 oz., deep red fruits. Micro Tom is an ideal house plant for windowsills or patios, letting you enjoy vine-ripened tomatoes year round
Tomato 'Mountain Fresh Plus'
Determinate hybrid
Tomato 'Mountain Merit" F1
With a 4-5 week harvest window, these dark red fruits grow on a compact, uniform plant
Tomato 'San Marzano'
Heirloom. Early, large, plum-shaped Roma tomato. Sweet, classic Italian paste variety. Very productive and high yielding..
Tomato 'Supremo' F1
A productive hybrid that produces high numbers of uniform extra-large and large fruit. Plants are compact, have a concentrated production period and set well in the heat. The fruit are very firm, nice red color at maturity and great shelf life & disease resistant.
Tomato 'Amish Paste' (Paste Type) (Indeterminate)
Maturity - 74 Days A large and very tasty, red oxheart shaped tomato. Excellent for eating or canning.
Tomato 'Beefmaster' (Indeterminate)
Maturity - 81 Days Our largest Beefsteak type. Good flavored fruit is tolerant of cracking and peeling.
Tomato 'Beefsteak' (Indeterminate)
Maturity - 75-80 Days Heirloom. Large, flat, globe-type slicing tomato has light red skin and very meaty, juicy flesh. Very productive.
Tomato 'Better Boy' (Indeterminate)
Maturity - 75 Days Our most popular all-around hybrid has high yields of smooth fruit with excellent flavor.
Tomato 'Better Bush' (Determinate)
Maturity - 70-75 Days Compact plants grow just 3 to 3.5 ft tall, making them ideal for containers and small-space gardens. Globe-shaped tomatoes have green shoulders.
Tomato 'Big Beef' (Indeterminate)
Maturity - 73 Days Beefmaster type with twice the yields.
Tomato 'Biltmore' (Inderterminate)
Maturity 70 days. Plant produces high yields of 10 oz red globe shaped tomatoes. This variety has a great tomato flavor! Suitable for home gardens and market growers.
Tomato 'Black Cherry' (Indeterminate)
Maturity - 67 Days Produces high yields of good-tasting, dark purple cherry tomatoes.
Tomato 'Black Krim' Heirloom (Indeterminate)
Maturity - 69 Days Flattened, dark red-purple fruit with delicate skin, green shoulders. Very juicy, green-tinted flesh. Must be staked or caged.
Tomato 'Brandywine Red' Potato Leaf (Indeterminate)
Maturity - 75-80 Days Flat, globe-type tomatoes have reddish-pink skin and very tasty red flesh. Potato leaf type with much foliage. Higher yielding in cooler weather.
Tomato 'Brandywine Yellow' Heirloom (Indeterminate)
Maturity - 76 Days Heirloom blend. Very tasty tomatoes.
Tomato 'Burpee Big Boy' (Indeterminate)
Maturity - 78 Days Vigorous, heavy foliaged plants.
Tomato 'Bush Champion II' (Determinate)
Maturity - 65 Days Big, meaty fruit on extra-early, compact, 24in plants. Slightly more productive and widely adapted. Can be grown staked, but not essential.
Tomato 'Bush Early Girl' (Determinate)
Maturity - 63 Days Our earliest slicing variety produces all Summer.
Tomato 'Bush Goliath' (Determinate)
Maturity - 68 Days Superb size, perfect shape, continous production, luscious flavor, and broad disease resistance.
Tomato 'Celebrity' (Determinate)
Maturity - 72 Days Large, glossy tomatoes with light green shoulders.
Tomato 'Champion II' (Indeterminate)
Maturity - 65 Days. Disease resistant. Delivers high yields of meaty, 6 to 7 oz. fruits. Also exhibits intermediate resistance to Yellow Leaf Curl Virus.
Tomato 'Cupid' (Indeterminate)
Maturity - 66 Days Vigorous vines bear hundreds of smooth, firm, very sweet, 1in grape tomatoes continuously over a long season. Holds well without bursting.
Tomato 'Early Girl' (Indeterminate)
Maturity - 60 Days Our earliest slicing variety produces all summer.
Tomato 'Flamenco' (Indeterminate)
Maturity 65 days. Very prolific through 100 degree heat and drought. This tomato is salad-sized (about 1.5 to 2"); flattened, acid, with great flavor
Tomato 'German Johnson' Heirloom (Indeterminate)
Maturity - 80 Days Produce large, meaty fruit with pink flesh and bright red skin with streaks of yellow. Vines grow up to 5ft in length.
Tomato 'Goliath' (Indeterminate)
Maturity - 65 Days A flavorful, sweet red fruit. They produce continously until frost. Branches may need to be staked as they become heavily laden with large tomatoes.
Tomato 'Great White' Heirloom (Indeterminate)
Maturity - 75-85 Days Meaty, creamy textured fruit has few seeds and a mild, non-acidic taste. Less viney and earlier than the other whites.
Tomato 'Husky Cherry Red' (Indeterminate)
Maturity - 65 Days Upright plants; grow staked or caged without pinching. Big yields of very flavorful, 1 inch cherry tomatoes borne in large clusters all season long. What makes this variety so special is the plant grows only 50 in. tall, giving the gardener more fruit in less space. Dwarf indeterminate.
Tomato 'Jetsetter' (Indeterminate)
Maturity - 64 Days This is a big, meaty tomato with lots of flavor. A beefsteak type tomato that is early to ripen with large 8-9 oz fruit. A tall hybrid with good disease resistance.
Tomato 'Jubilee Heirloom' (Indeterminate)
The eight ounce fruit is bright orange colored, solid, smooth, sweet, with meaty flesh that is not acidic. The plants, although indeterminate, tend to be short-stemmed and stiff.
Tomato 'Lemon Boy' (Indeterminate)
Maturity - 72 Days This is as unique a tomato as you will ever grow. Plants produce unusually colored, eye-catching fruit with wonderful flavor. Plants need at least 1in of water per week and prefer 6 hours or more of direct sun daily.
Tomato 'Manitoba' (Determinate)
Maturity - 58 Days Non-staking bush-type produces smooth, firm and bright red fruit. Very productive. Well suited to high altitudes and Northern locations.
Tomato 'Mortgage Lifter' Heirloom (Indeterminate)
Maturity - 85 Days A huge Heirloom beefsteak that grows fruit up to 4-lbs. Consistantly wins taste tests, meaty , mild-flavored with few seeds.
Tomato 'Mountain Spring' (Determinate)
Maturity - 69 Days Lucious, round, bright tomatoes. This is a hearty variety with good yields of 12oz fruit. Disease resistant.
Tomato 'Parks Whopper' (Indeterminate)
Maturity - 65 Days Big and juicy, also crack resistant. A home gardeners dream, disease resistant, high yields, longer season, and great taste.
Tomato 'Patio' (Determinate)
Maturity - 70 Days Great for containers, the dwarf plants produce deeply oblate, green shouldered fruit.
Tomato 'Phoenix' (Determinate)
Maturity - 70-75 Days Vigorous, compact mid-season variety bears globe-shaped, large to extra-large tomatoes that are uniformly colored. Sets fruit in heat.
Tomato 'Pineapple' Heirloom (Indeterminate)
This is another one of those fantastically flavored, large (often over 1 lb.), sometimes cosmetically challenged heirlooms that helped to start the heirloom craze. Pineapple is famous for its sweet, fruity, juicy, low acid flavor and its unique yellow w/red mottled looks.
Tomato 'Poseidon' (Indeterminate)
Maturity - 78 Days Globe-shaped, pink tomato has lots of sweet flavor and little acid.
Tomato 'Red Grape' (Indeterminate)
Maturity - 75 Days High-quality Santa-type produces long clusters of 20 or more tasty, bright red baby grape tomatoes. Crack resistant.
Tomato 'Siberian' (Determinate)
Maturity - 57-60 Days This plant will set fruit at low temperatures-as low a 38 degrees. It has clusters of 30 or more tomatoes, on small-bush type plants. Produces 3-5oz bright red fruit. An Heirloom variety from Russia.
Tomato 'Silvery Fir Tree' (Determinate)
Maturity - 58 Days A nice variety with attractive foliage. Fruits have slightly tart, classic tomato flavor. As a determinate type, the majority of the fruit ripens over a 1 - 2 week period.
Tomato 'Sugary' (S-Determinate)
Maturity - 85 Days Tiny, oval fruit with pointed ends. Widely adapted
Tomato 'Sunny Goliath' (Indeterminate)
Maturity - 70 Days A gorgeous yellow-gold variation, big juicy fruit, mild and sweet with a medium sweet texture. Large 7-8 oz fruits can be harvested yellow or left on the plant until they turn golden.
Tomato 'Sunsugar' (Indeterminate)
Maturity - 62 Days Very sweet golden orange cherry; thin-skinned, 1in fruit has good crack resistance.
Tomato 'Super Fantiastic' (Indeterminate)
Maturity 70 days. Super Fantastic bears delicious beefsteak-type tomatoes that are solid, meaty, and smooth skinned. The indeterminate vines continually produce high yields of large fruit until frost.
Tomato 'Super Marzano' (Paste Type) (Indeterminate)
Maturity - 70 Days Heirloom. Early, large, plum-shaped Roma tomato is a sweet, classic Italian paste variety. Very productive and high yielding.
Tomato 'Super Sioux' (S-Indeterminate)
Super Sioux is known as the outstanding hot weather tomato. Scarlet globes, huge, production of juicy, sweet meaty, red fruit. Very disease resistant.
Tomato 'Super Sweet 100' (Indeterminate)
Maturity - 57-62 Days Early-season, home gardener favorite performs well in most tomato growing areas. Tasty, round cherry tomatoes are jointed with green shoulders.
Tomato 'Supersonic' (Indeterminate)
Maturity - 70 Days Heavy yields of great-tasting fruit. These delectable slicing tomatoes are large 6 -8 ounces round, meaty and juicy.
Tomato 'Supersteak Hybrid' (Indeterminate)
Maturity - 80 Days A favorite among home gardeners! Smooth skin and meaty texture make it perfect for sandwiches- one slice covers the whole thing.
Tomato 'Sweet Seedless' (Indeterminate)
Maturity 70 days. This variety’s medium-sized, seedless fruits are round with a deep red color.
Tomato 'Sweet Treats' (Indeterminate)
Maturity - 70 Days Unique, large-fruited cherry tomato has deep pink skin, smooth texture and excellent flavor and aroma. Crisp, crack-resistant fruit is produced in clusters of 12-15 tomatoes.
Tomato 'Tomatillo'
Produces high yields of 3 oz globe-shaped Mexican husk tomatoes on a medium determinate plant. Unique flavor of the green fruit makes tasty salsa verde.
Tomato 'Tumbler' (Determinate)
Maturity - 49 Days Cascading plants are ideal for hanging baskets and containers. Prolific plants produce up to 6lbs of 1.25in cherry type tomatoes that are very sweet and tasty.
Tomato 'Tumbling Tom Red' (Determinate)
Maturity - 75 Days Cascading variety trails up to 18in High yields of sweet, 1-2in red cherry tomatoes on very well branched plants.
Tomato 'Tye Dye' (Indeterminate)
Maturity 78 days. Large bright yellow-orange tomatoes are splashed with red both inside and out, giving them a vivid tie-dyed appearance.The fruit is not only beautiful to look at but also boasts a sweet, delicious flavor.
Tomato 'Valencia Heirloom' (Indeterminate)
Maturity - 76 Days Smooth, round, mid-season fruit is orange-skinned and full-flavored. Meaty with few seeds.
Tomato 'Yellow Husk' (Ground Cherry)
Also known as a ground cherry. Not a true tomato but a member of the tomato family. Plants grow 1.5-2.5in tall. Fruit is enclosed within a lantern-shaped paper like husk. When ripe, fruit is yellow and husks turn light brown. They have a sweet tart flavor and can be eaten fresh or cooked for pies ect.
Tomato 'Yellow Pear' (Determinate)
Maturity - 78 Days Small, pear-shaped tomatoes.
Watermelon 'Crimson Sweet'
Crimson Sweet produces round melons averaging 25 lbs. (11 kg) with light green and dark green stripes.
Watermelon 'Sugar Baby'
Maturity - 70-80 Days Heirloom. Early, 6-8in fruit has thick, dark green skin. Firm, sweet red flesh with large, dark brown seeds. Space-saving, compact-vined variety is dependably productive.