Fruit trees and shrubs are a great way to add an ornamental yet functional touch to your landscaping. Adding fruit trees to your property provides three seasons of beauty, as well as shade, and great tasting fruit to enjoy for many years to come. Fruit trees also filter the air, condition soil and attract pollinators to your garden.

Some things to consider if you are planning to include fruit trees and shrubs in your landscape:

  • Plant two or more varieties of the same tree this is the best way to ensure pollination. You will want to make sure you have room to accommodate more than one tree.
  • Include your favorite varieties. Fruit trees in particular live longer so you will want to be sure to choose trees you like.
  • Be patient. Fruit trees and shrubs can take up to two years before they start producing fruit. You’ll find it was worth the wait as home grown produce often tastes better than what you get at your local grocer.

Talk to one of the landscape professionals at our fruit tree nursery and discover the many ways Zone 5 fruit trees and shrubs can change your landscape and your quality of life.

Featured fruit:

Pear Trees

Pear trees are grown both for decoration and for their delicious fruit. Pear trees require a soil with good water drainage, but can tolerate heavier soils such as clay and heavy loam soils. Pears require planting in an area that has good sunlight. When planting, the hole should be two to three times larger than the root ball spread. Peat moss and compost additions to the soil improve drainage around the roots and help the pear through the early establishment period. Pears are best harvested while the fruit is still green as the fruit will continue to ripen after it is picked. Pears left on the tree until the skin turns yellow will begin to break down. Pears that are light green (not grass green) are ready for harvest. Pears require ripening at room temperature for a period of one to two weeks.

pear treePhoto:


Fruits and Nuts 2015
Common Name
Genus species 'Cultivar'
Mature Plant Size Hardiness Zone Other
Shagbark Hickory
Carya ovata
Edible nuts that have a sweet taste.
H: 50-70 ft
English Walnut 'Carpathian'
Juglans regia 'English Walnut'
Produces think shelled, mild nuts. Large vigorous tree. Self fertile but better results with 2 or more.
H: 40-60 ft
W: 50 ft
Honeygold Apple
Malus 'Honeygold' (Semi Dwarf)
Medium to large yellow apple. Fruit is crisp, juice and sweet. Ripens in mid fall. (Requires Pollinator)
H: 12-15 ft
Zestar Apple
Malus 'Zestar' (Semi Dwarf)
Early season. Crisp and juicy, best known doe it's sweet tart flavor. (Reqiures Pollinator)
H: 12-15 ft
Flamenco Pillar Apple
Malus colonade 'Flamenco'
Only 2-3 ft wide. Tall and narrow. Fruit ripens early fall.
H: 8-10 ft
Chestnut Crabapple
Malus 'Chestnut Crab'
Large crabapple with outstanding flavor. Good for fresh eating. Hardy. Zone 3
H: 15-20 ft
Haralred Apple
Malus 'Haralred' (Semi Dwarf)
Late season, an excellent variety for Northern America. Fruit bearing 5-8 yrs after planting. (Requires pollinator)
H: 12-15 ft
Honeycrisp Apple
Malus 'Honeycrisp' (Semi Dwarf)
Ripens in late September. Crisp and juicy. Flavor is sweet. Fruit bearing 5-8 years after planting. (Requires pollinator)
H: 12-15 ft
Red Dutchess Apple
Malus 'Red Dutchess' (Semi Dwarf)
Rich, red, apples mature in late August. Relatively fire blight resistant. Zone 3 (Requires Pollinator)
H: 12-15 ft
Triple Play Apple (Honeycrisp, Sweet 16 & Cortland)
Malus 'Triple Play'
Mid-season bloomer. Assortment of varieties extends harvest.
H: 15-20 ft
Wealthy Apple
Malus 'Wealthy' (Semi Dwarf)
Striped red fruit with tart flavor. Stores well. Ripens early Sept. (Requires Pollinator)
H: 12-15 ft
Russian Mulberry
Morus alba
Plump, juicy purple berries in late spring. Will grow in any soil. (Self Fruitful)
H: 25-35 ft
Moongold Apricot
Prunus Apricot 'Moongold'
Light orange in color with sweet flesh. (Use Sungold as Pollinator)
H: 10-15 ft
Pioneer Chinese Apricot
Prunus Apricot 'Pioneer Chinese'
Orange skin with red blush, sweet, juicy, firm flesh. (Self Fruitful)
H: 10-15 ft
Apricot Scout
Prunus Apricot 'Scout'
Bronze gold fruit blushed with red. (Self Fruitful)
H: 10-15 ft
Sungold Apricot
Prunus Apricot 'Sungold'
Bright clear gold fruit with mild, sweet flavor. (Use Moongold as Pollinator)
H: 10-15 ft
Evans-Bali Cherry
Prunus Cherrry 'Evan-Bali'
Dark red 1-inch fruit. Excellent for baking and fresh eating. (Self fruitful)
H: 8-10 ft
Lapin Cherry
Prunus Cherry 'Lapin'
Big, dark mahogany red cherry. One of the largest and juiciest cherries. (Self Fruitful)
H: 15-20 ft
Meteor Cherry
Prunus Cherry 'Meteor'
Large, bright red fruit. Perfect for pie and eating fresh. Hardy (Self Fruitful)
H: 10-14 ft
Northstar Cherry
Prunus Cherry 'Northstar'
A sour pie cherry. Nice red fruit with small stone. (Self fruitful)
H: 8-10 ft
Peach Contender
Prunus Peach 'Contender'
Bright yellow flesh, sweet and extra juicy. (Self Fruitful)
H: 10-15 ft
Polly Peach
Prunus Peach 'Polly'
White skin with red blush. Freestone. Excellent Flavor. (Self Fruitful)
H: 10-15 ft
Black Ice Plum
Prunus Plum 'Black Ice'
Dessert plum with large fruit. Winter hardy to zone 3. Use Waneta to Pollinate
H: 8-12 ft
W: 10 ft
Mt Royal Plum
Prunus Plum 'Mt Royal'
Tender juicy flesh. Good eaten directly off the tree. Use for dessert, jam and preserves. (Self fruitful)
H: 8-12 ft
Superior Plum
Prunus Plum 'Superior'
Large fruit with dark red skin. Good for eating, jelly and jam. Sweet and juicy. (Use Toka to pollinate)
H: 10-15 ft
Toka Plum
Prunus Plum 'Toka'
One of the best pollinators. Richly flavored, medium sized fruit. (Pollinator for Superior)
H: 15-20 ft
Waneta Plum
Prunus Plum 'Waneta'
Start harvesting in late August through September.Prolific producers. Red skin, juicy flesh.
H: 10-15 ft
Pear - Luscious
Pyrus 'Luscious'
Juicy flesh. Medium sized fruit that matures in early Sept. (Needs Summer Crisp to bear fruit)
H: 20 ft
Pear - Parker
Pyrus 'Parker'
Large, yellow fine grained fruit. Tender and juicy. (Use to Pollinate Luscious or Summercrisp)
H: 20 ft
Pear - Summer Crisp
Pyrus 'Summer Crisp'
One of the hardiest Pears, fire blight resistant. Fruit ripens in mid-August. (Pollinator for Luscious)
H: 20 ft
Rhubarb-Canadian Red
Rheum Canadian Red
One of the sweetest of the red rhubarb.
H: 3-4 ft
3 Deer Resistant
Black Currant Consort
Ribes 'Consort'
Black fruits with strong flavor, very productive. (Self fruitful)
H: 4-6 ft
3 Deer Resistant
Ribes 'Jostaberry'
Abundant, fruit with rich berry flavor. Loaded with vitamin C. (Self Fruitful)
H: 4-6 ft
Deer Resistant
Gooseberry - Pixwell
Ribes 'Pixwell Gooseberry'
Very productive. Pale green fruit, turns pink when ripe. (Self Fruitful)
H: 3-5 ft
3 Deer Resistant
Red Lake Currant
Ribes 'Red Lake'
Clusters of red berries on 2-3 year old wood. (Self fruitful)
H: 5 ft
3 Deer Resistant
Raspberry Anne (Gold)
Rubus 'Anne'
Large golden fruit with sweet flavor. Ever-Bearing (Self Fruitful)
H: 3-4 ft
Deer Resistant
Raspberry - Bristol (Black)
Rubus 'Bristol'
Large black fruit with excellant flavor. Ever-bearing. (Self fruitful)
H: 3-4 ft
Deer Resistant
Raspberry - Caroline (Red)
Rubus 'Caroline'
Early fall bearing. Very flavorful fruit on large plant. Can remove canes in spring. (Self fruitful)
H: 4 ft
Deer Resistant
Raspberry - Heritage (Red)
Rubus 'Heritage'
Everbearing, good quality and flavor holds well. (Self fruitful)
H: 3-4 ft
Deer Resistant
Blueberries - Northblue
Vaccinum 'Northblue'
Consistent producer, needs acidic soil, good fruit. (Needs Pollinator)
H: 2-3 ft
Blueberries - St Cloud
Vaccinum 'St Cloud'
Use Northblue as pollinator. Large fruit and exceptional flavor. (Need Pollinator)
H: 3-4 ft
Grape - Blue
Vitis 'Bluebell'
Blue grape, good climber. Must have Acidic Soil.
H: Vine
4 Deer Resistant
Grape - Green
Vitis 'Edelweiss'
Dessert and wind grape. Vigorous.
H: Vine
4 Deer Resistant
Grape - Purple
Vitis 'Flambeau'
Seedless purple-red grape. Use for Jelly, jam or fresh eating.
H: Vine
4 Deer Resistant
Grape - Red
Vitis 'Red Swenson'
Seedless large, red fruit with a sweet flavor and high sugar content. Use for making white wine.
H: Vine
4 Deer Resistant
Grape - Purple
Vitis 'Saint Theresa'
Seedless purple grape offers an abundance of large clusters of sweet fruit in early September.
H: Vine
4 Deer Resistant
Grape - Blue
Vitis 'Trollhaugen'
Seedless medium blue table grape. Hardy to near -30. Mild Concord-like flavor. Ripens extremely early. Use for juices or fresh eating.
H: Vine
4 Deer Resistant
Grape - Blue
Vitis 'Valiant'
A blue grape, productive, annual bearer.
H: Vine
3 Deer Resistant