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We are a Rapid City nursery that provides helpful information to both green thumbs and beginning gardeners about horticulture in the Black Hills and surrounding areas. Our garden supply center houses a variety of plant selections, including shrubs, annuals, perennials, and herbs, as well as garden décor.

At Jolly Lane Greenhouse, you'll find your senses stimulated by an extensive assortment of seasonal plants, shrubs, and trees from our garden supply centers. We have a variety of fragrant and brightly-colored foliage, bushes, evergreens, perennials, vines, ornamental grasses, and rose bushes—there's something for every season!

Jolly Lane Greenhouse has everything you need to start planning and planting your flower and vegetable seedlings. You'll find a huge selection of flower and vegetable seeds, germinating soil and trays, heating mats for germinating, marking stakes and much more.

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Seasonal Plants

Garden Mums

Garden Mums 'Chrysanthemums' were first cultivated in China as a flowering herb as far back as the 15th century BC.  Garden Muims entered the American horticulture in 1798 when Colonal John Stevens imported a cultivated variety known as 'Dark Purple' from England.

Ancient growers would not recognize modern mums.  Although some mums still resemble daisies, others are more showy.  Garden Mums have grown in popularity and now reign as the undisputed "Queen of the Fall Flowers."  Mums remain the most widely grown potted plant in the country and are one of the longest lasting of all cut flowers.

As a landscaping plant, Garden Mums make a beautiful Fall display for the home garden.  Garden Mums can accentuate an entrance way; provide the Fall colors to a season-long growing bed; or dominate a growing area with the many varied shapes, sizes and colors.  Used in this fashion, Garden Mums provide an outstanding climax to the season before the colds of winter arive.

As with all gardening efforts, it is not luck or the so-called green thumb that achieves results, but rather hard work and dirty fingernails.  The staff at Jolly Lane Greenhouse will be happy to provide any guidance on planting and displaying the beautiful Fall Garden Mums.

Gardening Tips

Fall Planting

Fall is a great time for planting shrubs, trees, evergreens and perennials.  Plus, planting in the fall can help save money and give your landscape a jump start on growth and developement in the spring.  No matter the season, Jolly Lane Greenhouse can provide advice and assistance from professional, experienced designers and gardeners.  Trust our year-round Green Thumbs!

In addition to adding new plants, we suggest dividing and transplanting larger perennials like hostas and daylilies.  Share with friends or trade your transplants with neighboring gardeners, then enjoy the beautiful new foliage and blossoms next season.

Plant bulbs in the fall to create instant beauty in the early spring next year!  Our Rapid City greenhouse has an amazing selection of top-quality fall bulbs, including Tulips, Hyacinths, Crocus, Aliums and more.  The colors are limitless and our friendly staff can help you select varieties and quantities for your landscape area, as well as give you tips for planting.

Fall is also the best time to plant garlic which will be harvested in mid-summer.  Jolly Lane Greenhouse carries 6 different varieties of the organic seed garlic to plant this fall.  The best time to plant is 3-5 weeks before the ground hardens.  Garlic has been cultivated for many thousands of years.  Originally grown in south-central Asia, it soon spread to new regions through ancient trade routes.  Garlic has traveled with humans through history responding with them to changes in climate, soil and altitude.

If you are interested or need help, give us a call today. Our experienced staff will gladly assist you with all of your fall planting needs. Contact us today and as always, happy gardening!