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We are a Rapid City nursery that provides helpful information to both green thumbs and beginning gardeners about horticulture in the Black Hills and surrounding areas. Our garden supply center houses a variety of plant selections, including shrubs, annuals, perennials, and herbs, as well as garden décor.

At Jolly Lane Greenhouse, you'll find your senses stimulated by an extensive assortment of seasonal plants, shrubs, and trees from our garden supply centers. We have a variety of fragrant and brightly-colored foliage, bushes, evergreens, perennials, vines, ornamental grasses, and rose bushes—there's something for every season!

Jolly Lane Greenhouse has everything you need to start planning and planting your flower and vegetable seedlings. You'll find a huge selection of flower and vegetable seeds, germinating soil and trays, heating mats for germinating, marking stakes and much more.

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Seasonal Plants


Research shows that houseplants offer their owners a slew of benefits, from fighting colds to creating a healthier environment. To help remove indoor pollutants, try a ficus, fern, philodendron or spider plant, which are all proven to work as natural air purifiers.

Houseplants are also thought to help boost morale, improve creativity, and increase feelings of calm. Try a striking tropical orchid, African violet, or cyclamen to inspire you at home or in the office.

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Gardening Tips

Houseplant Care Tips

It's actually not that difficult to keep houseplants happy, but you do need to pay attention to their basic needs. All plants need food, water and sunlight to survive, but different plants require different amounts of each. For example, ficus trees generally thrive with indirect light and moist soil but cacti require bright light and dry soil. Make sure you choose houseplants that will thrive on the amount of light you can provide. Plants that require full sun will thrive in a south-facing window. East-and west-facing windows have moderate sun. North windows have very little sun.

Remember that the air conditions can be very dry in the winter because of heated air. Avoid placing plants in trouble spots such as near heat ducts, a radiator or between curtains and a cold window. You can also provide a little extra humidity with some misting.

Always plant in sterile soil. That will minimize problems with soil-borne diseases. Indoor plants also need regular fertilizing for healthy growth. As a general rule, most houseplants should be fertilized from January through September, and should then be allowed to "rest" for a few months.

Providing consistent watering is important to maintaining healthy houseplants. Alternating periods of drought and flood can really stress a plant’s root system. Most plants like having their roots consistently moist, but not wet. Some plants prefer to dry out a bit between waterings. When you purchase a new plant check the care label or consult with one of the experts at Jolly Lane Greenhouse.