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Welcome to Jolly Lane Greenhouse

We are a Rapid City nursery that provides helpful information to both green thumbs and beginning gardeners about horticulture in the Black Hills and surrounding areas. Our garden supply center houses a variety of plant selections, including shrubs, annuals, perennials, and herbs, as well as garden décor.

At Jolly Lane Greenhouse, you'll find your senses stimulated by an extensive assortment of seasonal plants, shrubs, and trees from our garden supply centers. We have a variety of fragrant and brightly-colored foliage, bushes, evergreens, perennials, vines, ornamental grasses, and rose bushes—there's something for every season!

Jolly Lane Greenhouse has everything you need to start planning and planting your flower and vegetable seedlings. You'll find a huge selection of flower and vegetable seeds, germinating soil and trays, heating mats for germinating, marking stakes and much more.

"The lights of the Christmas tree rose higher and higher - she saw them now as stars in heaven" ~ Hans Christian Andersen

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Seasonal Plants

 Poinsettia Handling and Care!

Many people discard their poinsettia following the holidays or as they die off at the end of the winter season.  But did you know poinsettias can and will re-flower?  Follow these care guidelines and your poinsettias will actually survive the warmer summer months and bloom again next winter.

Pruning - Trim the bracts or flowers back after they've begun to wither.

Water & Light - Poinsettias thrive on dryer conditions and therefore require minimal water and moderate light.

Indoors/Outdoors -Keep your poinsettia indoors until there is no longer a chance of frost.  Any frost, mild to heavy, will most likely be the end of your plants.  Once moved outside, poinsettias should initially be placed in total shade.  As the plant acclimates, it should be gradually moved into a partially sunny, partially shady area.

Re-flowering -As cold weather approaches, poinsettias should be brought back indoors.  In order to encourage re-flowering, the plants should be kept in total darkness - no artificial light (including illumination from electronics or even light peeking through a door crack) for 13-14 hours each day.  Alternately, the remaining 11-10 hours each day should be spent in total sunlight.  Temperatures should never dip below 60 degrees.  Maintain this routine for 2 months.

Mold, Fungus & Root Rot -Overwatering poinsettias can lead to mold, fungus and root rot and is the most common way to kill these beautiful winter plants.  Avoid htis problem by ensuring your poinsettias have well-draining soil and are watered only as necessary.

Scott grows all of our poinsettias as well as enhances them in an array of fantasy colors.  We have a large selection of poinsettias varying in size from 2 1/2" to 10" pot size.


Merry Christmas from Jolly Lane Greenhouse!!

Jolly Lane Tips

O Tannenbaum!

Today, families around the world celebrate the Christmas season by decorating their homes with a beautifully trimmed evergreen conifer.  Living trees can be cut from the forest following legal guidelines or purchased from nurseries, short-term lots, or garden supply centers.  Jolly Lane Greenhouse is a Rapid City nursery that stocks freshly cut Christmas trees for local partons.

The tradition of the Christmas tree dates back to Renaissance-era Germany when Christmas Day was celebrated with singing and dancing around a decorated tree shared by the community.  The German word tannenbaum is often mistaken as an exact translation for "Christmas tree" due to the popularity of German folk song, "O Tannenbaum," and its English Christmas carol equivalent, "Oh Christmas Tree."

However, correctly translated from German, tannenbaum means "fir tree," and not "Christmas Tree."

So what's Christmas without a tree?  Jolly Lane Greenhouse stocks natural and snow-flocked trees.